1 10 2014

Dream Journal

7:00:53 AM: Dreamt that I discussed magic with Jordan. Dreamt that I explored this really large grocery store. That I had a smallish apartment with Daria and Leslie and Christian came over. That I had a contract of some sort.


4:31:06 PM: Will do when I get back.


4:30:57 PM: Had to skip in order to take Kitkat to his appointment.

6:56:14 PM: Did a tiny amount of hip stretching today.


4:30:38 PM: Haven’t done this at all yet. Perhaps I will train meditate when I go pick up kitkat right now.

6:57:24 PM: Meditated a bit throughout the day, but didn’t specifically devote any time to it.


4:12:20 PM: I still can’t do ichimonji correctly. My hips do not come onto the line correctly yet. Same with ko-ichimonji. That completely explains my problems with tsuki. I hope I can get my hips open enough to do these movements properly soon.

6:56:52 PM: One set of tsuki on each side, trying to open the hips. Weren’t great. Now that I really look at my form I notice all sorts of problems with my legs and hips. I have much to work on still.

Plan Day

4:29:45 PM: Intention for the day: flexibly adjust my routine around present circumstances, continue to act from the center with calm and love, broadcast a message of inner peace and love.

  • Get Kitkat to Gotham Vet.
  • Buy wine and meet Jordan to go with him to dinner party.




10:47:34 AM: Took kitkat to get neutered today. I feel pretty mixed about it. On one hand, everyone tells me that to protect his health I should do it. On the other hand, I don’t feel that we should keep an animal as a pet if we don’t accept the way it exists without modification. But I did feel better after I saw that the people at the clinic seemed nice and seemed to care about the animals. I trust that they won’t hurt Kitkat unnecessarily. They will use anesthesia of course, but I still worry about how Kitkat will act after the operation. After dropping him off I also went to pick up some wine for the dinner party at Wylie’s apartment tonight. I feel excited for that.

1:50:00 PM: Well, porn just has nothing on Daria anymore. I love her so much. Kitkat’s surgery has finished, according to the man who just called. I took a nap, I guess I have missed some sleep lately. Still feel a bit groggy, but I want to get to the things I want to do.

6:49:54 PM: Smiled like crazy on the subway. I have noticed the self fulfilling effects and self fueling chain reaction effect of the smile.

6:55:43 PM: Noticed a lot of vision improvements today. I need to buy an eye chart so I can specifically record my progress.

6:57:39 PM: I will head out for Wylie’s dinner party soon, and perhaps Uncommons after that.

1:18:29 AM: Oh yeah, earlier today I helped a woman with a baby carriage get through the subway door.

1:18:16 AM: Had a great time at dinner with Jordan. I met James, Sarah, and Roshaine. I enjoyed their company immensely, along with Wylie and Alex. I learned that I can get a mit.edu email address if I ask Jesse nicely. We talked about a wide range of issues including busting the two party system, the civil war, how people teach history in elementary schools and beyond, free software vs open source and Richard Stallman (I should read his biography), the time Wylie and Alex got in trouble with the law trying to break into the redhook grain towers, brewster’s system design.