1 12 2014

Dream Journal

2:23:13 PM: Dreamed that I lived in a strange apartment with Daria where we had maid service, but the maids lived in the stairwell. Dreamed that I went to a hackathon with Daria and met Dave Fontenot there. Dave’s friends from high school looked for him and couldn’t find him and asked if I knew where he had gone. I found out from Dave that he wanted to get away from his friends in high school because they didn’t exert a good influence on him. I traveled down a trail with Daria through some woods and we ran very fast. Then we reached a frozen lake with the moon bright in the sky.



2:24:38 PM: Did class with Fergus again this afternoon, thanks to Daria’s prompting. Daria treats me so well. Felt loads of energy today. Still very interested in how Fergus tells us to remove the tongue from the roof of the mouth, contrary to what Dr. Morris teaches. When I remove my tongue I feel a lot more energy surging into my head. I suppose in yoga they desire that, but in qi gong they want to avoid kundalini syndrome so first they open the microcosmic orbit and then they open the macrocosmic orbit.


2:26:06 PM: Meditated during yoga for quite a bit actually.


2:26:39 PM: Ought to practice this today when I feel recovered from yoga.

Plan Day

2:26:20 PM: Clean up a bit, read

  • [] Send Jordan the details for meeting up today.


2:26:52 PM: Not working today.


2:26:57 PM: On hold today because friends.


2:27:13 PM: I feel pretty proud of yesterday. Despite a rocky start, we ended the day well. I won a game of paranoia risk by very carefully manipulating people into helping me, and giving no information away as to who I had as my target. Then we played a game of Catan, which I almost won. During the game the vibe between Randall and Jon Gottfried did not feel great, so I tried to ease tensions, and I also meditated and smiled a lot. I think that I could have felt frustrated at ending up a point away from victory if I hadn’t meditated. Then we went to this awesome goat cheese ice cream shop.

2:29:01 PM: Then Daria asked me for a Tarot reading, which I felt very excited by. She asked how the year would go and I followed the instructions in the manual, performing the opening ceremony. At least in my experience so far, it really helps to perform that ceremony. Every time that I have that I can remember there has occurred an incredible coincidence that probability makes very inexplicable. In particular this time for the querent portion of the spread we got Prince of Wands, Prince of Disks, and Knight of Cups. Both the Prince of Wands and the Knight of Cups represent aspects of me, meaning the Prince of Disks represent Daria. We gathered from the reading that we ought to focus on finishing projects and making sure that we have good follow through on the ideas we start. If we did, we would have a great year and make some very important new friends.

2:34:52 PM: I really enjoyed the illuminatus trilogy. Still finishing the appendices where RAW makes some of the secrets a little more clear. That book contains many mini-initiations in my opinion.

11:37:37 PM: Had fun with Jordan and Jenn and Daria and Lisa and Andy and new Jeremy at Andy’s apartment. We played King of Tokyo and Resistance and watched Adventure Time. I found the Adventure Time episode on lucid dreaming very interesting. I now feel ready to start tomorrow off to a great start with yoga and my morning routine again. It turns out Jeremy has interesting wares.