1 12 2015


7:35:57 AM: Strange dreams this morning interrupted and perhaps interwoven with cats making noise throughout the night. I dreamt that I spent an afternoon somewhere that reminded me of grandma Mabel’s old home. I spotted an owl flying above the house in the windows and tried to point it out to Luke and dad but the angles didn’t seem good for them to see it. Then it disappeared above the house. But we went over to the front of the house and we all saw it. It kind of drifted in the sky on big gusts of wind and didn’t flap much. Then one of our cats or dogs brought over little clay statue that had faces all over it. I felt very happy to have received it. I remember a different part of dream that had me building a huge lego castle with Luke. I remember a complicated series of buildings and subways.

3:04:20 PM: Hm, I have a lot to catch up on, including writing about my experiences today and this weekend but also catching up with emails and getting back into my operating system.