1 13 2014

Dream Journal

6:52:02 AM: Dreamed I ordered food at a strange restaurant making really unique American foods. Then we left before my order arrived. Dreamed that Luke stayed home by himself with a nanny and he had the power to control select elements. I hung out with Lisa and Andy. On board a space ship we negotiated with aliens. Our ship apparently got sabotaged at one point and the captain felt frantic about fixing it, a little girl had to comfort him.

9:30:41 AM: Dreamt that for some reason three college students had to move in with us.

10:01:59 AM: Dreamt that mom and dad invited me to a Facebook event for their anniversary which. It turned out that they were going to a yoga class together, which I went to with the siblings. Since we did not sign up for the class, we observed from the side. I attended a big college lecture style class with Daphne. Afterwards during a break in the class I asked her if she wanted to throw frisbee disks around outside. She noted that the ground looked wet, so we played indoors with a friend of hers. We threw around a truly ridiculous number of frisbees in a few hallways. Later I laid in bed by myself and fell halfway between waking and dreaming. I started hearing strange sounds in my head that I could change by shifting my head. It sounded as if I could tune into radio frequencies. I tuned around a bit, and then suddenly I tuned too hard and I came out of my body, and I sat outside my body looking at it with my own copied physical body. Something told me that I had to kill my double, or at least leave without getting seen by it. I started trying to strangle him but he woke up and saw me and I had too much heart to kill him. Then we decided to team up.


8:37:25 AM: Very nice class today with Joe. I felt a lot of energy during Bridge and Full Wheel, those seem like very powerful poses. Despite feeling tired this morning, powered through it.


10:14:14 AM: Honestly, I felt like I dozed off most of the day, but maybe my body handled the meditation prompts for me because I still felt good at the end.

Plan Day

8:38:01 AM: Intention for the day: love my future selves by firmly establishing my habits today.

8:39:11 AM: Mission for the day: do now out of love for as many people as I can.


  • 10107 because I love Johnson.


3:31:59 PM: Have class today.

8:13:21 PM: After much vacillating I decided to go to class despite wanting to assemble the loft. I decided that I manifest enough manliness to do literally everything in a single day, so I did both yoga and taijutsu today. I feel very grateful to my past self for deciding to do that, because I learned many useful ideas today. For tsuki I need to immediately rotate and lock my back leg, release all tension in the groin so that I can drop forward properly. And I should practice shifting back into ichimonji from tsuki. Also I should practice rotating from tsuki to ichimonji while keeping my weight on the original front foot the entire time. That rotation occurs in the middle of the foot, not on the ball of the foot. New Justin who seemed to have previous bujinkan experience but at a really bad dojo joined James and I with Josh. Justin’s form almost made me cringe but I stayed polite and helped him where I could. I suppose in time I have become a sempai too. I still have a lot of improvement to make on my bo technique. We did an interesting technique that I do not remember the name of. When they tsuki from shizentai we catch their hand with our leading hand and the hanbo (we face the same way as they do). Then shifting forward onto our front foot, we transfer our weight into his hand, pulling the hand towards our back hip (this looks like a sword draw here). Then we rotate in, keeping our weight still on that same foot, smacking them in the face. We also did the inverse of the one rotating hanbo technique from the other side. As they tsuki, we ichimonji back at an angle and hit their ribs with the hanbo (we face the same way). Then we grab their hand as we shift our weight forward, bringing their balance behind them. We insert the hanbo behind them into their armpit and anchoring their hand with our hand, we rotate the stick across their back to throw them.


  • Bring mallet home to assemble loft bed.


11:21:42 AM: Found a loft bed disassembled just a block away from my apartment today and I took it home. Seems that fortune favors the bold, it didn’t even take me all that long to drag the whole thing in here. I think that I will build the loft and put the bed where the futon resides right now and put the futon under it, and then I can setup the desk in here so that Daria can use the ethernet cord at the desk. And then the pantry will basically have nothing in it, so I can use it as a temple and dojo.

8:21:35 PM: Okay, time to get back to assembling that loft. So far I have had an adventure with it, scrambling to the hardware store, salvaging what few pieces we’ve got. It’ll turn out very interestingly I think. I think it’ll be safe to sleep on, but I feel doubtful about sex. Probably have to sexercise on the mats. Two days ago I gave Daria an incredible orgasm, but I couldn’t yesterday. She feels weird in her vagina, I think going back on lexapro might have caused it, since she stopped for over a week when her prescription ran out.