1 13 2015


6:07:31 AM: Dreamed of a scenic mountain top with Mark. Dreamed of mashing up a bunch of pills to put into cupcakes that Mark, Luke, Priscilla and I all ate while going to this big mall with Calvin and Lindsay. I wanted to go see Tess Manning’s birthday party instead of doing karaoke with Calvin. I remember wanting to take a lot of photos of these crazy hard mountain tops with Mark. I remember some kind of math competition involved. I remember something about dating etiquette at the dojo.

6:52:10 AM: Decent KAP meditation today. Not the strongest concentration, but I did struggle to even get up this morning. Glad I did though. I can feel a lot of healing going on in my body as a response to the energy influx. For example, Keno punched me in the eye over the weekend when I didn’t uke correctly and I finally feel my eye reacting to heal that. Hopefully it will heal back stronger and better and I will get better vision out of it.

6:58:27 AM: Time for a strength circuit and then some taijutsu me thinks.