1 14 2014

Dream Journal

7:01:31 AM: Professor gave lecture in a veranda in front of a beach and explained some of the wonders of the universe by first comparing a sun to a grain of sand on the beach and then explaining that in fact that we can observe many more times the number of stars than sand in a beach. Kitkat listened to the lecture with me, and I helped scoot him up to a window so he could see out. I observed the coast through an old fashioned pirate telescope and saw a Taj Mahal looking building. Randall wanted to save an old hotel building, A Berke involved somehow. I asked Jordan about some of his porn habits with Jenn. I saw an app that told you every place where you had watched porn. Daria and I could form mental link in our dream, but she disconnected. When we woke up I tell her about it. I read a book about a girl who could never get captured or harmed despite everyone’s lust for her because she acted so gentle and with the way that no one could bring themselves to harm her and thus she slipped away from them all.


9:09:45 AM: Had class again with Fergus today. A lot of meditation during class which I found very nice. A few new students showed up so I found class a little easier than normal. I felt good about that because I had felt tired before class. I think I shall meditate, and then finishing building the loft.


5:29:05 PM: Meditated with Federico for ten minutes.

Plan Day

  • Write letter to anjellicle about adopting kitkat.
  • [] Add wiki enhancements. Start turning it into DeftDraft because I love myself.
  • [] Write article about beating procrastination because I love my friends.


  • 8439
  • 7221 because I love Irina. First, we need to get a list of all Patch template ids. Then we can update every stats.send document with “client_id”:1070 which they don’t have, because of how my script doesn’t quite work right. Then we can simply aggregate all patch stats.send documents for a given day and update stats.client.day with the correct totals. Almost done now. The stats have rolled in so that works now. I just completed the backfill for December, now I only wait on January to finish computing and I will completely finish this. I feel slightly frustrated with this issue. Turns out that NewsletterDailyDynamic, patch’s biggest send, hasn’t had its stats computed. Therefore I will still have to use my dopatchbigsends script to fill in Jan 9 through 12th. I should setup a cron that processes the previous day each day. Finally all caught up. Now let’s fill in the monthly totals.

Setup the following cron job:

0 2 * * * . /etc/profile.d/setenv.sh; php /sailthru/backend-php/scripts/patchstats/dopatchbig_send —day “yesterday”

Patch template ids: 8559,72181,69994,69996,79501,67128,69014,12842, 97661,70058,70059,70060,70057,70061,70378,20442,79363,70037,70062,70063,70064,70065,70066,70067,71263,72238,72240,79199,87602,7391,78872,59480,79505,71269,87368,89150,93804,70070,66375,87636,87638,70071,88526,88524,79504,87156,70072,79506,70073,4228,70074,74260,70075,87810,23671,66374,79503,79502,68503,20443,70076,51738,4734,4060,4729,51739,51741,51750,51759,51758,51760,51761,51762,51763,70376,86506,86116,86507,86508,86509,86510,86511,6233,70002,4711,4702,4713,4731,90844

[sailthru@inny-procgen03 scripts]$ php fixclientstats.php —client 1070 —day “January 13 2014”

  • Review 10379 because I love Ann.
  • Review 10342 because I love Boris.
  • 10372 because I love Satia.
  • 10337 because I love Satia/Kana.

php liststatsfudgeimproved.php —debug —client 3803 —statday 20130306 —update

  • true —list “National: Top 25”




12:31:56 PM: Standing in this somewhat interesting product meeting. I now enjoy standing with good posture because I can feel the energy in these postures. My vision has made huge strides lately. Trees I’ve found really important to this. When I look at trees it just helps my brain figure out how to align the images from my two eyes together to create a coherent image. I remain convinced that my fundamental problem does not exist in my eyes but in my brain which does not correctly combine the signals from the two eyes. I may have caused that through my careless reading habits in the past.

12:34:13 PM: I feel quite pleased with the state of my apartment right now.

3:18:13 PM: Patch has 23 documents in stats.send for today.

4:06:43 PM: Huge sense of closure as I have just completed all patch stats related crapola. Sure will feel nice going to my awesome apartment after this meeting. I hope I find it exciting and not boring.

6:56:13 PM: Josh: “fundamentally, when people try to trick me, I have the delight of being able to make the entire interaction about how I’m smarter than they are” This explains so much about him. He tricks himself best.

8:02:40 PM: Get shoes, research them.

11:58:36 PM: Wrote to anjellicle about adopting kitkat. Played two games of Catan with Jordan and Jenn today, and Aditya briefly stopped by to give us a check for $750~ after he absurdly subtracted a made up amount for the furniture he left behind, which really when I think about constituted me doing him a favor.