1 15 2014

Dream Journal

7:02:43 AM: Helped track a strange killer with Daria. He left a note in cypher at the scene of the murder so we started tracking him. Went sledding on a really high hill with an adult who had really strict rich parents growing up and I told him he had it easy, and he disagreed. Had a mock fight with a kid in my dream when I wore climbing shoes so I felt afraid to really kid him, but I did sort of kick him and won the fight and I felt bad about it afterwards because his brother came to take care of him and hated me for it. Mark and I hung out. Dad told us we could only have one cheese stick each. Andy and I planned to go to a guns seminar together and I hoped he would come to a kaceminar with me sometime.


9:04:29 AM: Had class with Deanna today. My legs felt pretty tired, so during one of the leg balancing poses I decided to take a rest in child’s pose. While I did that Deanna massaged my lower back right along the spine very gently, like she used a finger at a time. Then I felt a warm sensation traveling up inside my back along my spine. That felt like warm qi? It feels like I run cool qi most of the time. Will have to ask her about that. She also helped me on several poses that I found difficult, like the one where I balance on an arm and leg and lift the other arm and leg up. Daria and I both agree she sounds amazing. Her voice would sound great on a meditation mp3 or similar.


9:13:39 AM: Okay, let’s do a KAP meditation and see if I will concentrate strongly on it.

10:56:26 AM: Well, I must admit that I still drifted off quite a lot during this. I think I can’t do it while I feel so tired or I will just zone out because I have heard it so many times already. But I did still feel good at the end of it, so perhaps it still has some use. Perhaps the body follows along without my conscious intercession.

Plan Day

Intention for the day: Continue solidifying great habits, connect deeply with team and give and receive compassionately wherever possible.

  • [] Send in form to adopt kitkat.
  • [] Think more about how to arrange personal tree of life.
  • [] Draw out some sketches of DeftDraft.


  • [][9957](https://sailthru.fogbugz.com/default.asp?9577) Refactor the hell out of Netsuite because I love Lana and Bill.
  • [] Get sandbox setup on Macbook, because I love myself. And wiki it, because I love my team. Partially complete, still have to get apache conf files from Vikram or someone on UI tomorrow.
  • 9099 because I love Irina.




9:14:36 AM: Thinking about taking my kangaroo desk with me to sailthru so I can set it up there. I’d like to have some time to work on my own projects today. Unfortunately the next two weekends will get filled with activity, but I think that at hack@brown I could probably manage to build DeftDraft. ˚ 9:21:02 AM: Idea: get the KAP meditation in audacity to get rid of silly parts.