1 16 2014

Dream Journal

6:56:38 AM: Saw a lot of soccer team mates on the way to a party Patrick Buggy hosted. Many expressed jealousy at Patrick’s new lifestyle. Went to a very strange restaurant that charged absurd amounts for food that they made intentionally bad. Beat some strange game that seemed a mix of final fantasy and pokemon. Helped a lot of women escape from a strange laboratory with huge dogs guarding it. Talked to a train conductor about his work while riding along. Read a strange book related to that game. I saw Daria a lot.


9:15:33 AM: Had a nice class with Christine today. Not too stressful.


Plan Day

Intention for the Day: Practice Do Now out of Love.

  • Ready things for David’s arrival.
  • [] Help Kristie out.
  • [] Work with Isaul to setup a server he can use for Zephyr validation.


  • Do 10365 because I love Satia.
  • Setup Yellow Submarine conflict calendar.
  • 9895 because I love Johnson



  • Write to James about Kaceminar
  • Pay TWC bill
  • Pay Sprint bill
  • [] Add section switcher to wiki. On section down, split at cursor position and jump to indexOf(“\n####”). If indexOf is -1, then take the original non-split string and jump to indexOf, which would take us to the top. Going backwards… trickier, figure it out after. Hm, the logic for this appears slightly tricky. I think perhaps I will use split on “\n#### .*\n” to get to the next section.


It would seem that I do not have as much practice with touch typing as I might initially have expected. I tend to glance down at the keyboard to try and place my fingers sometimes, when I lose track of my fingers. I will simply have to practice using the little finger nubs to remember where my hands hover.

12:36:33 PM: Haha, so hard to think of anything to do within the 23 minutes that I have before this huge block of meetings. I guess I won’t really do anything just now. Anyway, I did get the day off to an acceptable start. Today I will practice my stealth meeting meditation since we will experience lots of time in meetings.