1 16 2015


7:00:57 AM: Dreamed of my coworkers current and past and having some kind of DBC event in a hotel, it kind of seemed like we ran DBC as almost a boarding school inside of a hotel. I planned events with Kimberly.

9:20:49 PM: Ah, man, I have a ton to do and to journal about. I don’t think I even fully debriefed after the seminar experience. Kacem told me “Better tsuki!” which I take as huge words of encouragement. I received good feedback both on my talk last night and on my lectures, so I feel happy about that. A bit weird about the day overall because I felt a bit drained by all the meetings, but I think they take place on a better day now. I had a nice lunch at the milk truck. James Aquino gave me the number of his dealer since Light and I both asked for it while on the seminar trip. Hm, wow, a lot I haven’t written down yet. I suppose Keno had a pretty shitty experience with his ex-wife. Still sometimes I feel like he got his karma for his dealings with women. He seems pretty unabashedly all about having sex with them and then moving on. Even the way he treats his current girlfriend seems a bit inappropriate to me. Josh thinks he may break up with Eva after over ten years, which I found pretty shocking, to say the least, and he cautioned me to pick the right woman. A strong warning indeed. I hope that Matt Huff could live me with, I would really enjoy that. I think he could become my best friend. I lead an epic game of mafia tonight where Matt Huff won. I made some really gory death stories each night.