1 18 2014

Dream Journal

5:52:16 PM: Didn’t have my journal nearby to journal when I woke up, didn’t journal today.


5:52:32 PM: No yoga today.


5:52:36 PM: Would like to perform the KAP meditation after Olivers, I think.

Plan Day

  • Attend kaceminar
  • Attend Olivers meeting
  • KAP meditation
  • Journal thoroughly
  • Finish The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch


5:54:36 PM: On duty tonight, otherwise not doing anything for Sailthru.


5:54:48 PM: I feel great about last night and today. Today at the end of the seminar my concentration started to flag. I attribute that to the lack of sleep I had last night, which I will remedy tonight. Last night he focused on naname, today on kokoryu koppojitsu techniques. Seems like he has worked on kokoryu quite a bit recently, that seems a focus of his. Said some intriguing statements about having to do the inner working, possibly veiled references to the kundalini awakening? I feel that I have to feel with much greater sensitivity and integrate with my body in order to do taijutsu effectively. Or maybe I just need to train for twenty years. He said 20 years feel easy, the next 20 feel very difficult, after that one has forged the practice into something real. He mentioned that we must always return to the beginning. We forget ourselves on the path, but always we return. The practice has no end.