1 18 2015


5:47:58 PM: Good taijutsu class today. Felt pretty wiped out after it but managed to order some food and clean up. Took a nap and did some reading. Time to do a strength circuit. I think I should rework the invocation of Hermes a bit and then begin working on my invocations of the other gods I would like to work with. I would enjoy invoking all the gods I work with every day. Really need to do this strength circuit to wake me the fuck up though. I would sure like to work on my script for the KAP meditation to make it shorter too. And maybe make some porn music?

7:24:19 PM: Had some good fun sampling Alexis. Going to do a strength circuit before Daria gets back. She has stated that she has started her trip home. Crazy that tomorrow already I will have to start teaching again. The time really flies. Still, I had a lot of fun making music although clearly my compositions lack a lot.

7:30:57 PM: Today I dreamed about dev bootcamp and selling drugs (at devbootcamp?).

11:40:14 PM: Great dinner at Ohan and Mike’s place. I met some of their friends. Particularly Juan, who I will bring my drum to play with for next time. Also his friends Ada, Nawa, Ben, and an Asian girl whose name I didn’t catch.