1 19 2014

Dream Journal

8:04:58 AM: Dreamed I took part in a sketch comedy activity where several characters got selected randomly, and each of the several teams had to improve a sketch involving all those characters with each person playing a character. They selected Hitler as one of the characters. I dreamed that mods of a game I made became popular on a gaming community. I dreamed that Luke and I worked together to hide marijuana from my parents, and we talked about a time when I hid in my parents room for a really long time without them finding me.



10:54:33 PM: KAP meditation last night felt amazing. The part where I tighten I felt I did very well, because I felt a very strange energy in it that I felt through my whole body and my heart rate rapidly increased and thumped rapidly.

Plan Day



10:56:01 PM: Another incredible day. Things to work on: the cross legged step, basics, uke.



10:56:34 PM: Had a great car ride back with James where we had great discussion. Had surprisingly great Chinese food in Poughkeepsie.