1 2 2014


  • [] Get sleep.


4:02:52 PM: Hm, will I do any coding today? Seems unlikely at this point.


8:23:02 AM: Well, all in all, I have to say that felt pretty good. Five point breathing felt pretty strong today. I really think I need to edit or remix this tape though, some parts feel just unbearably slow and full of not super useful parts.


8:36:56 AM: Alright, I still feel sore from the last few days, but let’s do some exercise real quick.

8:59:46 AM: One slow OSPU on both sides.


9:11:17 AM: Need to go outside and practice bo furi a lot. Started by practicing hicho a bit.

9:57:32 AM: Practiced geri from hicho on both sides. Practiced tsuki a bit.

6:59:56 PM: Several sets of tsuki. Some geri from hicho.


7:39:23 AM: Okay, I suspect today will feel bizarre. Why? Because last night when we stayed at Uncommons we drank a ton of coffee, and we did not sleep at all last night. We took modafinil in the morning so that we would stay awake today, but who knows if we will get anything done today. I hope Daria’s yoga class goes great and she has a great day.

2:33:21 PM: haha, got an email from the ACM about a seminar on the 23rd.

3:22:13 PM: Idea, write out my thoughts on christianity and how I have integrated it.

4:29:24 PM: Heh, this whole business of getting Daphne her tickets had better not interfere with me giving Daria an orgasm that rocks her world. :)

4:39:27 PM: Going to take some maca root, now that I think about it. :)

12:20:00 AM: So Daria came home, I gave Daphne the tickets. We ate a nice meal together. Then we worked on SICP together. After that Daria showed me some new yoga positions and what she learned in class and it got me excited. I think that yoga could help me improve my strength and balance. Then we had sex and she had an amazing orgasm.


I don’t see much evidence Andrew can code, unfortunately. His Github only has projects he worked with other people on, and he barely has any commits in either repo.

Audigram appears incomplete project (and didn’t appear hosted anywhere) and due to the format I can’t determine how much of it he wrote.

His “Reversi AI” comprises a sketchy looking implementation of reversi’s rules. That appeared difficult for him in of itself, so the “AI” turned out to simply pick moves at random.

Overall I do not find his writing convincingly passionate or interesting.

Can’t access Bitbucket. I felt intrigued by his writing. I found a dearth of evidence that he can code well. From what I can surmise from his Github he tends to mash the code until it works. He likes to make twenty commits all with the same commit message such as “progress”. He could certainly use an introduction to engineering practice through HackNY. Most of his repos seemed empty. I don’t think I would consider him a good programmer.