1 2 2015


4:04:09 PM: Alright. Well, I have had a crazy couple of days, which I suppose I should record for the sake of posterity.

On Monday I had a taijutsu class that Harold, Mike, and Rob showed up to. We reviewed some of the same techniques that we went over on the Saturday before that. I still felt slightly under the effects of LSD when I went to that, leading to a very interesting class. At one point I felt enormous pressure inside my head and I tried to let the bujin come through me.

4:07:30 PM: I think I will do a banishing ritual as I feel a bit uneasy today. I didn’t get the chance to give Daria a proper send off because Calvin and Lindsay came over. They got here on Wednesday and Daria and I showed them around the city a while. We took them to bagels on the square for breakfast. We then went uptown intending to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we ended up getting off around 50th because we anticipated meeting up with Harper. We explored midtown, visiting the Cathedral of St. Patrick and also the Cathedral of St. Anthony. We went to the Rockefeller Center and saw the big tree and the ice rink. Then we made our way over to the top of the highline. We walked down to Chelsea Market where Daria and I ate Australian meat pies. Harper, his brother Graham, and his husband Joe all came along. We parted ways after Chelsea Market. Calvin and Lindsay came with Daria and I back home to change. I put on my suit for the first time in ages and Daria put on a black dress and we went over to Randall’s apartment. When we got there only Steve, Randall, and Kelly had arrived, so we had a good time catching up and drinking champagne.

4:21:12 PM: Good banishing ritual. Pretty average I would say, I tried using the taijutsu movements, I feel like the sign of the enterer works better so I will stick to that. It seems to work well for expelling energy.

4:47:30 PM: Good strength circuit. I also used the NLP deck to program myself to sleep on my back. I will give it a few days and see how I progress. I feel excited for GNK tomorrow. I will need to remember to bring Tenacity with me.

5:06:38 PM: Tuesday morning I went to Ignacio’s class and met Demetrios. Ignacio helped me a lot with san shin, I have a lot of points to work. I have to work on having less tension while doing it so I can keep my balance right. For ka and sui no kata I have to come back down the center with my attack. I have to stop tensing up my shoulders when I do those. I need to initiate my movements from my core not from my shoulder or head. I have to bring my guard hand up by the elbow not by the hand so that my hand and forearm can remain relaxed. I just need to bring the elbow onto the line. Do it with the back. I need to really root into my back foot.