1 20 2014

Dream Journal

10:39:10 AM: Andrew Aldridge met a chubbyish girl on Github and invited me to go on a date with her in his place. I smoked pot with a young kid who climbed a building with me, then his mom got involved and we had a strange conversation about just how often the kid did smoke. He said once a day, she said six times a day, I figured 3 times a day based on the two. I did weird parkour all around this strange city. A weird TV series recommended to me by Jordan about guys in a virtual reality game falling in love with the female characters in the game. Partying with Daria and Randall. Jumping down a big platform with Mark while doing parkour.



Plan Day

  • Write today. Jesus story. Dasha Freud’s transformation into goddess form. Lurid love poetry with Daria. Orgasm soundtrack and completed circuitry. Because I love the Writer.
  • [/] Finish Scarlett because I love Gerard and Jenn.
  • [/] Refactor Scarlett into E-Prime.
  • [!] Program the wiki to automatically pull left over todo items from the day before into today’s journal. Eh, maybe not. Feels really difficult.
  • Fix CSS styling on code and pre blocks.
  • Clean up apartment because I love David.
  • Add goSectionUp to wiki
  • Move back and forth between days.
  • Fix this view port bug.
  • Adopt kitkat because I love Kitkat and Daria.


10:17:59 PM: Didn’t work today.


10:18:03 PM: Worked with James and Mike and Ian on ura-gyaku and muso-dori, because we think if we can put the two together we will understand ganseki nage. We will meet tomorrow to practice since we’ve all cleared off tuesday nights on our schedules.

10:46:11 PM: Practiced just standing in hicho, ichimonji, and ko-ichimonji for several minutes. Tried to work on getting my form correctly, and also feeling the energy during the forms and the transitions. Right now I mostly only feel energy during shizen, but the feeling has become very distinct and easy to recognize, and I can get it very rapidly.



10:20:24 PM: I think that I ought to write more in my journal again. I really enjoyed reading The Three Stigmata, and I think I might read Ubik soon. PKD seems an interesting man. Writing in E-Prime feels easier now, but I still struggle with it in many contexts, especially at Sailthru. I would like to run everything I write through my wiki so that I can make sure to eliminate non E-Prime writing and thinking from my thought. I bought some Wilhelm Reich books, which I look forward to reading. Today has felt good. Daria and I cleaned up the apartment a bit. The stove looks really dirty, it would feel good to clean that too before David gets here. I expect him on Wednesday. Attending the seminar seems to have remotivated my practice, although I still haven’t figured out exactly how taijutsu will help me help people. Perhaps by opening my observational skills and awareness. I’ve started to realize that to do taijutsu I have to really feel the presence of the people I train with. In that way due to the close proximity and true receptiveness to them, it has an almost erotic feeling to it. Which makes sense, because besides sex killing someone also feels very personal. Dr. Morris mentions that erotic quality of training and I didn’t really understand it until now. Kacem looks very comfortable on the floor with his training partners, and I know he probably doesn’t love men sexually given that I’ve seen his wife and she looks beautiful by conventional heterosexual standards. Anyway, I would like to keep up yoga and taijutsu both. I think I can grow into the strength and flexibility and receptiveness to do both. I feel like smoking marijuana because I feel a bit lonely that Daria hasn’t come home yet. I feel very proud of giving her an amazing orgasm last night. Unfortunately we might not have time for sex tonight because she will get home past eleven I think, when we will need to sleep so that we can get up for yoga tomorrow. I suppose I shall just read until she gets home.