1 20 2015


7:04:26 AM: Dreamed of playing Age of Empires where I had a really built up walled city with castles on all sides, and playing Dungeon Crawl as a monk and getting a lot of different awesome artefact equipment including a magic ring that increased my magic and damage by a lot. Dreamed about talking about going on a flight to Shanghai with Randall and Kelly and Daria. Dreamed about this McDonalds which apparently my friends and I would frequent because one of the guys at the counter knew my order and we acted really chummy. Seems like we went there really regularly.

11:04:29 AM: Well, I think I would like to start journaling a lot more. I lost my cool a little bit this morning because I got frustrated with the Kaplan training. I don’t understand why that one stupid course keeps getting stuck at 75%. I had a bit of a disappointing experience with DMT last night. Didn’t really have the right atmosphere for it with Daria moving around and such, but I certainly don’t want to blame my own failure on her. I think I just don’t have my smoking technique down at all. Anyway, on my way home last night I helped Daphne move in. She lives on the fifth floor so I helped get her boxes up the stairs. Later after feeling frustrated and bored and trying to get away from the apartment after smoking DMT I decided that I would go ring her doorbell and see if she needed any help setting up her IKEA furniture. I helped her build a Malm bed and we made pretty quick work of it. I found her interesting and intelligent and beautiful. Interesting. I recalled a sigil I made the summer I moved to New York saying something like ‘Daphne will ask me to have sex with her’ and I thought perhaps I didn’t specify enough and now it will happen. She says she wants to home school her children. I think I overheard a conversation with her father, who she addressed as ‘sir’. Very interesting. I wonder if she might have mixed ancestry too. She mentioned coming from Shanghai when very young. She claims to know some Mandarin but wouldn’t speak it with me, so I don’t know how much she really knows. Claims to have done hacking at Raytheon as an intern. Has switched to learning management consulting at Stern. Set to graduate early. In her junior year right now. Works at a 3D printing company in PR. Mentioned that she would like to solve the problems in Sub-Sahara Africa and in American education. Likes to wear black. Has a roommate named Natalie that I haven’t met yet. I would like to get to know her a lot more. Now I should prepare for my meeting with Ethan after work. I have to make sure I don’t accidentally go home rather than go to Ethan’s apartment. Still waiting for Aliza though. She Daphne Aliza? Not by the parameters of my spell. But I will probe and find out I suppose.

3:43:02 PM: I feel really tired this afternoon. I would like to write an invocation to Saturn.