1 21 2014

Dream Journal

I dreamed that I told Daria about my dream when I woke up. I dreamed about a TV show Daria and I watched involving a dog that appeared in an early episode in a different form, the dog had to protect his owner from evil. I dreamed about a presidential race and the involvement of the president’s daughter. I dreamed that I stayed at an apartment with dad and his friend a few stories up. Several tornados occurred, getting closer and closer to our building until one hit directly In the dream I partly recognized that the tornados came from sim city. We left the apartment in time to avoid our deaths. The structures of the building got severely damaged. We exited the building and surveyed the damage to the other buildings nearby. Then dad and I went back to the apartment we had stayed in. The wood structure lay in tatters. Dad acted very brave and jumped across huge gaps in the wood to the apartment, taking a board with him to try and repair it. But when he got to the former apartment everything drooped and he realized he would fall. He hung by one hand from a plank. I tried to reach out my foot for him to grab, and he jumped and tried to reach for it but fell at least two if not three stories flat on his back. I rushed down to see if he got hurt and he did. I tried calling 911 and dad yelled at me to do something. The 911 dispatchers didn’t respond because so many people called, so I had to look up what to do and I felt panicked.


8:42:46 AM: Very nice class with Fergus today. I made progress in crow’s pose. I have to place the hands wide apart, and use chataranga arms. It feels like I need to put my knees in my armpits?


8:43:26 AM: Time to do some KAP meditation.

9:59:03 AM: Totally spaced out again today as soon as I got past the initial chakra opening part. Still felt great though. I think my body probably does it on automatic. Strong feelings of energy today due to the yoga before hand opening things up.

Plan Day

Intention of the day: Express love to the people I meet, including myself, establish the habits of love and mindfulness.


Kristie: 7:30 to 10:30 (5 days), 5 hours on a weekend

Boris: Sunday and Saturday nights.

Me: Weeknights.




8:43:34 AM: Think some more about “every man and woman is a star”. How literally can I take that? What if every man and woman had a star that powered them. I didn’t give Daria an orgasm last night, but she felt dry most of the night. Still felt a good energy exchange however.

5:12:43 PM: Well, today felt emotionally tumulus. Things seemed great until I found out Matt G got fired. Now I don’t know what to do. I will consult the Tarot.

Ask for a substantial raise

Future looks a little bleak here.

Look for opportunity elsewhere

Mixed messages here too.

Work on Metta fulltime

A good future and a bad future.

Continue doing my best at Sailthru

Looks like my best option for now.

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