1 21 2015


7:04:08 AM: Dreamed of meeting this vagabond who had a little flask of black seal that she gave to another vagabond. Seems like all of a sudden she became a princess and I went to a party of hers where people started telling me all these amazing things about the charitable work she does and how she cooks really well and all this stuff. She spends a little bit of time with me which boosts my self-esteem but then goes away because so many people want her attention at the party. I dreamed that in the bathroom back in Minnesota my hair started visibly growing, really cool effect to see.

4:08:28 PM: Well, I figure I should journal a bit because I feel a little bit of emotional turmoil. I had a really good time talking to Daphne yesterday while I helped her setup her roommate’s bed and take about the built in bookcase. Turns out she has studied a whole bunch of different martial arts, including jujitsu, ninjitsu, and judo. Seems like she just does yoga now, so she claims. Her father does qigong and she has too, she threw up from trying to move a ball of energy around. Funny. One day maybe I will introduce her to the KAP meditation. She works 30 hours in addition to taking an above average caseload. She told me about her interest in Patrick Rothfuss’s books. Daria acted jealous last night when I came home, as usual it seems. Anyway, I got up this morning and Daria did briefly but felt really groggy and wanted to go back to sleep. She asked if I would get mad if she did. I said no, “it’s your life to live’. Today she texted me and called it flippant. Maybe she doesn’t know what flippant means? I meant it in dead seriousness. She has her life to live and she wants to keep living the way she does she can live it with me because I would rather spend my time with people who have new and interesting thoughts, read a lot, and have a strong motivation towards self improvement.