1 22 2014

Dream Journal

1:32:25 PM: Didn’t get to dream last night.


1:34:26 PM: Didn’t get to yoga this morning, because I needed a little more sleep.


2:00:53 PM: Going to try and meditate as much as I can manage to while at work. See if I can feel the qi during everything I do, including typing.

Plan Day

Intention for the Day: Spread the principle of Maximize Mutual Benefit.


  • Write up down alert because I love my team.
  • Find previous texas monthly ticket because I love Eric.
  • [] Fix Sailbot to display on duty schedules correctly because I love my team.


2:26:42 PM: Hoping I will practice this today. I will go to class.

9:16:58 PM: Didn’t go to class. Sailthru happened instead. I suppose I will train now.


2:26:52 PM: On hold today to focus on loving my teammates at Sailthru.


2:01:17 PM: My vision has improved a lot lately. I bought an eye chart so that I can quantify my progress. I feel determined that I will achieve 20/20 this year.

2:27:55 PM: I feel at peace. I think that I have found my calling here. I will show a better way of living at Sailthru, one filled with meaning and love. I felt a lot of anger and fear and sadness last night due to Matt G’s moving on, but I must let go of him too. Having done so I feel ready to recognize Sailthru’s state as the opportunity that I have waited for. Now I can take charge, using the principles of the dao de jing.

9:15:35 PM: I feel a bit worried right now, because I don’t know where Daria has gone. I hope she will feel better when she comes home. Part of me feels really worried that maybe she has gone and killed herself. Please come home.

9:16:51 PM: Anyway, today went very well. The meeting with Chris ended up feeling a bit awkward, but I think it laid out a pretty bright future for me.