1 22 2015


7:02:25 AM: Dreamed of smoking a pipe with Kevin Zhou and some other friends and telling him that I had dreamed of it. Dreamed of going to a bookstore with Daria and we split up for a while before I came back. Dreamed of asking Josh about taijutsu. Dreamed I told Randall about how I got contacted by Octopart.

11:23:58 AM: Also I dreamed about staying in Saddlewood and finding a giant crab in Mark and Luke’s room. I didn’t want to kill it but I felt scared to sleep with it in the room so I snuck outside. I thought every slept, but when I got outside I found Mark and Luke. I think the crab might represent my shadow. I have an irrational fear of them. I will investigate their symbolism and characteristic and integrate my shadow. It feels right.

11:36:01 AM: Wow, crab, through the way it molts makes a potent symbol of change and evolution. I can actually really relate to it now. The way it walks sideways I find very interesting too. Also amazing how crabs can eject their limbs and regenerate them.