1 23 2014

Dream Journal

9:21:50 AM: Well, I didn’t remember anything from my dreams this morning. That I can think of.


9:23:56 AM: Skipped again this morning because Daria said she would go to the evening class.

8:42:44 PM: Skipped the evening class for yoga too.


9:24:13 AM: I would feel good if I did this with Federico today.

Plan Day

Intention: Express my love for my team and wrap tasks up so I can go to Brown with a clean slate.

  • [] Write to Mark and apologize for only bringing time wasting into his life.


  • 10577 Make a new script for calculating stats.list.day for a single client and run it for Thrillist. Done coding, still need to deploy and run the script.
  • Fix bugs in above script
  • Fix dev tools
  • Fix down alert cron
  • Run December netsuite data in sandbox because I love Lana.
  • 9641 because I love my team
  • 8185 because I love my team
  • 10107 because I love my team and I love Satia and Johnson

while true; do php /sailthru/backend-php/queues/blast.php —debug; done

while true; do php /sailthru/backend-php/queues/job.php —name job_adflight —server inny-q02 —debug; done


8:42:54 PM: Skipped going to taijutsu for Sailthru.


8:43:19 PM: Not working on any projects today.


9:25:04 AM: I had an extreme reaction to the beer I drank last night. Massive pains in the brain, cold chills, and I threw up. The pain got pretty unbearable. On the positive side, I feel much better now. It seems that the increased energy I have brought into my system doesn’t do well with alcohol. Either that or the alcohol unlocks the energy a bit and gives me some kundalini syndrome effects. I did feel massive changes getting imprinted in my brain.