1 24 2014

Dream Journal

3:03:36 PM: Last night I dreamed that Chris Chapman fathered both Jordan and I, and Chris didn’t allow Jordan to play video games until he finished his homework. Seems I have conflated my worries about Mark with my worries about Sailthru.


3:04:32 PM: No yoga because I felt super tired this morning. Daria didn’t go either. We agreed that we would start going together again on Monday when life has stabilized again. She made a good point last that I haven’t given up on my routine, I have just had to deal with the recent situation at work until I fix it.


3:06:34 PM: Might do a tad of this on the train.

Plan Day

3:05:24 PM: Intention for the Day: Deepen my friendships with Ian and Ann.


  • Write email scrum.
  • [] Document Sam’s mongo profiler.
  • [] Document starting consumers on backend.
  • [] Document Horizon Hourly blasts.
  • [] Document new stats fudge scripts.


3:06:16 PM: Probably won’t get a chance to really practice this, unless I just bust out my moves at the hackathon.

3:51:28 PM: Idea: practice against a wall. This will instantly show problems with kamae, tsuki, coming on to the line with uke, and lots of other situations. I think that taijutsu works inside tight corridors.


  • [] Renew domain name.


3:06:42 PM: Chaos at Sailthru lately. Ann and I will have to plan carefully.