1 25 2015


11:40:39 AM: Dreamed about shooting a lot of people in some sort of first person shooter feeling situation. Like a UN assembly went crazy and all the factions started shooting each other. Dreamed of Josh teaching us about using our nerves. I remember a political debate and the republican candidate getting extremely angry.

11:40:41 AM: Dreamed about working at Sailthru again as an intern. The office seemed a lot darker and multilevel and very few people I knew still worked there, except for Neil. I went to pair with this real young guy on an ad platform that would pop up while U played games. He showed me an example of a game using pop up advertisement and we saw an advertisement for a hentai video costing like $5. He told me how he bought two videos off of these ads but his dad came back home so he had to quit them and then he found out that U have to pay every time U want to view them.