1 26 2014

Dream Journal

4:15:02 PM: Couldn’t remember my dreams from this morning after I had to go work on Sailthru right away on awakening.


4:15:20 PM: Skipping yoga today on account of tiredness and Daria feeling sick.


5:32:56 PM: I think I might get high and meditate. Or should I just meditate to get high?

Plan Day

  • (♥) Fix AB autosend winner because I love Emily Speer and Robert.
  • (♥) Fix task creator so that if the line has no text it just inserts the task bullet because I love myself.
  • (♥) Fix task creator so that it puts you at the end of the line because I love myself.
  • (♥) Write to Neil because I love all the employees at Sailthru.
  • (♥) Get high and spend quality time with Daria because I love us.
  • (♥) Do some reflective writing because I love myself.
  • (♥) Make ctrl-x and ctrl-c short cuts for moving the cursor to the start and end of the selection respectively.
  • (♥) Add fish alias for deploying to server because I love myself.
  • (♥) I will add my public key to authorized keys because I love myself.
  • (♥) I will make creating a new task bullet on a blank line fill in the template “I will because I love “.
  • (♥) I will fix the toilet because I love Daria. Daria fixed it herself because she loves me!


4:15:34 PM: Crazy day at Sailthru as usual.




5:32:09 PM: Just wrote a pointed but non-threatening email to Neil. This stuff at Sailthru has really started to heat up. I think the fate of the company rests in my hands, and I get to choose if I want to sink the boat or keep it floating.

8:49:45 PM: Idea, Facebook should buy Sailthru. Most of our potential costumers already have the Facebook JS on their websites, and could just sent Horizon data using it. Also we could plug Facebook’s data in Horizon which would prove very powerful.

8:50:39 PM: Time and space seem symmetric in both the physical universe and in computer science. Possible that they relate due to the structure of our own universe?

10:14:50 PM: Just had amazing sexercise with Daria. Using sexual hypnosis proved very powerful. I will use an induction to bring her to a deeper orgasm every time I have sex.

10:42:13 PM: I just love life so much right now.