1 27 2014

Dream Journal

7:02:16 AM: Dreamed I went to a party where it seemed almost everyone had one of two costumes, one of which look like a bear suit. Made me feel better about not having any costume. My family and I went to some road trip in Iowa? We visited some old people that lived in two houses? I wore light blue pants and wet myself down one leg. Loading a bazooka into a bus. Dreamed I did taijutsu on some guy who had different martial arts training.

8:58:06 AM: Dreamed I went to some presentation or conference where a bunch of OHS and YS people showed up like David and Colin and such.


9:03:00 AM: Although I said I would go yesterday, I wanted to go with Daria and she still feels sick and I still feel like more sleep, so I skipped. I might find this for the best, since I do fully plan on going to taijutsu today.


11:07:13 AM: I will go meditate for ten minutes before starting my day here, because I need to clear my mind in preparation.

Plan Day

Intention: Love aggressively.


  • (♥) I will write up how to ps aux across all the proc boxes because I love my team.
  • (♥) I will finish case 10631 because I love the support team and in particular Robert and Satia.


11:53:00 PM: Felt good to go to class today, Josh gave me a lot of individual attention. I feel like Josh doesn’t have very many students right now, which I like. That way I get more attention, and one day he will want to train me to act as a training partner, so I will actually get to that point. I need to start training with Ignacio, because he may have his problems but he definitely knows his stuff way better than of us students do.



10:58:21 PM: People who can’t feel pain play with fire and have no fear for death. Does he die in peace and what comes after the death when one dies without fear?

11:54:44 PM: Gave Daria her best orgasm soon.