1 3 2015


2:12:15 AM: Good day so far, deployed Treedo to iOS which I feel pretty damn pleased about. I wonder about some of the weird rendering glitches though.

8:32:26 AM: Dreamed of home with family and really strange weather patterns. I walked out on the trail and during winter and suddenly it started feeling a lot warmer really felt the sun warming me, then by the time I got home we had a thunderstorm happening pouring rain. I hung out indoors with all my siblings due to the rain. Dreamed about some weird plot involving a fantasy role playing game.

2:46:27 PM: Alright, well, had a good conversation with Daria. She feels a bit eggplant. I have all the money prepared for GNK, now I just need package it up in an envelope. Time to do a strength circuit.

6:41:01 PM: Great class with Josh. Pretty much everyone showed up with the exception of James Light (in Germany) and Cameron (with family). A lot of irregulars showed up. Jon showed up for the first time in ages and we had a good catch up. Akkis showed up. Demetrios showed up again.

8:11:33 PM: Another good strength circuit. And I posted the class information to Densho, so I feel pretty good about wrapping that up. I think I will Banish, and then Invoke Hermes and work on Rumpl real quick.

8:20:09 PM: Solid banishing and invocation. Time to get to work on Rumpl.