1 30 2014

Dream Journal

12:29:34 PM: Didn’t catch my dreams this morning.


12:29:46 PM: Skipped.


12:29:50 PM: Will meditate at 4 with Sailthru people. Lisa wanted an invitation.

Plan Day


  • (♥) I will document how to investigate UI logs because I love the entire dev team.
  • (♥) I will merge master into 9101 because I love Matt G.
  • (♥) I will write a deployment plan for 9101 because I love Matt G.
  • (♥) I will decide when I want Eric to take my onduty time because I love Daria.
  • (♥) I will send Bill the CSV file used to update Netsuite because I love Bill.




3:05:14 PM: Cast yijing since this has become a tumultuous situation at Sailthru. Got Gradual Progress into Increase. I find this one of the most directly applicable yijing castings I’ve received that I can remember currently. It obviously spells out how I need to approach my situation here. I will proceed slowly and cautiously with Chris and I won’t make any demands.