1 4 2014




12:22:37 PM: After I finished the down alerts and did some writing I did meditation. My mind went blank during it several times and skipped through a lot of the instruction, but I felt like my subconscious still followed all the instructions because I felt great when the meditation finished.


12:22:20 PM: OSPU on each side.



7:35:21 AM: I have awoken early. Between KitKat and PagerDuty it seems to me that fate decided I should start waking up early again. I feel okay about this. This morning I could start the day off with meditation before I go to yoga. Also I feel excited that Khan Academy uses our product, because I admire what Khan Academy does.

7:51:39 AM: Decided that I will stop starting sentences with “well” since it only wastes time.

7:52:37 AM: Instead of making a mad rush to try and finish a 2014 resolutions page, I have decided I will simply work on it little by little. I think that I could learn from Luke. He has made wonderful works of art simply by working little by little on his pixel art. He literally places just a few pixels here and there and then switches to another piece of art, and by doing so lots of great art comes into existence. I could do the same.

12:16:54 PM: I had an interesting dream while Daria did yoga. I didn’t go because I chose to remain home while on duty. I stayed at a hotel to try to visit friends. I had a strange bike race with my siblings. I had to participate in this strange online class. In the online class one of the students seemed very mean to me. But he told an interesting narrative. I attempted to do as Nausicaa would do. Even though he had hurt me in the past, I still tried to get to know him, asking about which tattoo he got first, and such. Oddly enough he worked at the hotel where I stayed. I ordered crazy ice cream on Seamless for delivery to the hotel lobby. I had to leave soon. A woman hotel staffer delivered the ice cream to me, and I started packing stuff up. I had a moral conflict when I had the choice to take a micro-usb charger that didn’t belong to me. I overheard the mean guy getting fired by the manager of the hotel, and then I discussed with the hotel staff how cruel he seemed.

12:23:48 PM: In my Manual Benedict stories Daria’s, I will call Daria Dasha.

12:24:39 PM: Darn, I’ve definitely forgotten an idea. I hope it resurfaces.

4:17:40 PM: hagbardceline, robertantonwilson. orgonetherapy, mindfullove