1 4 2015


12:06:11 AM: Well, another new day. I suppose I should sleep soon seeing as how my knees kind of hurt. I think I will watch a million dollar instructor video.

12:22:00 AM: Well, I have picked a launch date of July 23rd for my course. I will now write a course outline.

2:02:16 AM: Very powerful experience with KAP mediation sitting on the chair. I actually got red and green chakra colors to come up in my third eye. Felt a lot of chills all over my body. I apparently sweat quite a bit, always a good sign. Felt the energy moving very nicely today. Good progress. Nice for sleep now. I will attempt to drift into astral project while lying on my back.

8:07:23 AM: Dreamed I went to some sort of asian dinner big get together. In the bathroom I talked to some of the sons and daughters there about the achievements they accomplished while going to the bathroom and I learned about this Indian nerd contest or something. I remember my datsusara towel sitting on the floor drying up some water. I remember having to figure out what to get from the store for a party because one of the parents asked. The party took place in a huge grocery market that had multiple floors. Later I dreamed about this strange universe where we could grow artificially intelligent digital life forms and this complicated plot of AI life and my family all trying to destroy stuff and not destroy stuff. It didn’t quite make sense in the end. It turned out it was just a TV show I was watching when my family showed up to the room.

10:45:42 AM: Also dreamed of driving to this mountain top site to recover an archaeological artifact. We came upon the archaeological or restoration crew and had to sort of fight them to find what we came for and then run off in a hurry. We don’t know if we really found it or not. I had to login to my internet in order to start the car. I had to lock the people in a room and then get the car going to escape. All the siblings and I played Wesnoth.

11:23:54 PM: Well, I suppose I should write about today. I practiced taijutsu and did my strength circuit for an hour, then I showered and walked down to Chinatown to visit Prosperity Dumpling, where the epic five borough limo dumpling tour began. I think we only visited three boroughs in total. We definitely went up to Flushing, we might have also visited Jackson Heights. I went in both the escalade and stretch hummer. I met a lot of people and networked with them all on Facebook. I really enjoyed hanging out with Monica and Wendy. Monica told me about her senior thesis asking what moral obligations a state has towards its illegal immigrants. She said that the state has to provide education and health care, she didn’t include a minimum wage because first they need an education in order to get work. We also talked about the experience machine. I met Erica who told me about this cool yoga studio she goes to, she has done yoga for twelve years. She runs her own startup called Catchpool. I met a new Jesse who runs this service called loose leaf that does markdown publishing.

11:27:25 PM: I did a bunch of work today. I set up a thing in glassfrog for kimberly, I met with the royaltyreminder team. I posted a lot more on the Densho and set up a new category to help with finding a new dojo location. I like seeing Josh so active on the dojo, pretty inspirational. Has definitely inspired me to step up my practice. I think it might sound a little ambitious but I aim to get a black belt by the end of the year. When I do I will treat myself to a datsusara black belt. They don’t have green belts, so I certainly won’t upgrade my current belt. I really like their socks. I enjoy that I have all black clothing now. Ali recognized the datsusara logo interestingly and we talked for a while about brazillian jujitsu.

11:30:19 PM: Anyway, now I want to do the KAP meditation and then get to sleep because I have work tomorrow. Oh, and I arranged to go to Iceland which I feel really excited about. I think I will like to meet all the people there, particularly Tara who I consider a badass.

12:12:57 AM: Very, very powerful KAP today. Lots of chill throughout my body. A lot of energy sensation. Seems like I hang more of a hang of the orbit now. Definitely need to practice this sitting up. Lying down just doesn’t compare. I guess Dr. Morris got that part right and I should have listened to him all along, I could have gotten much further in my practice by now if I had just started doing it sitting up all the time.