1 5 2014




11:58:41 AM: So I blacked out from the throat chakra all the way to the end of five point breathing. Freaky. But my body seems to still have done the meditation.


12:44:44 AM: Two slow OSPU.


12:21:08 AM: GNK at 129 Lexington.

12:45:47 AM: GNK felt pretty good. We practiced the sword draws that Joshua showed Ignacio and I on Monday at his apartment. I need to acquire a iato so that I can practice these draws.


1:39:07 AM: Watched half of Laputa with Daria. Going to start reading PKD, I think he will prove an interesting author.

7:36:02 AM: PagerDuty woke me up today… which seems just so typical. Perhaps the hand of fate moves to assist my waking up early?Anyway, just fixed the alert, easy peasy.

12:45:15 AM: So I decided I will rearrange this template so that it works in chronological order through the day and helps me record all my matters of business.

12:46:37 AM: Felt good today because I gave a man a subway swipe. I also helped the owner of Chez Le Chef move a bench into his shop. He gave me a brownie in return, which I brought back to share with Daria. He said that he has a niece from taiwan who has lived 19 years and plays the piano in Germany. I told him that my mother came from Taiwan. He told me he has visited Taipei and has traveled the world a few times. He would like to travel once he retires, which will happen soon. Apparently the people who wrote his yelp reviews didn’t like what he had to offer, which I find unfortunate. He seemed like a nice man.

12:54:28 AM: Daria and I went to Sailthru again for dinner and we watched the newest Sherlock episode while there. I found the episode very funny and so did Daria.