1 5 2015


7:31:18 AM: Dreamed about taijutsu and about driving with my mom to a parking lot filled with snow where an attendant shoveled the spot for us right before we drove up. During taijutsu people had some really sloppy movements. I saw an advertisement for ways for businesses to fill up and waste time while following some government mandante.

4:41:53 PM: More echoes and fore-shocks. Two people named ‘Alisa’ showing up on my people U may know on Facebook. Both with a mix of characteristics that seem close. In the Thrive Tribe a girl who likes meditation and martial arts wants to meet me.

4:42:49 PM: Just wanted to write a bit more about yesterday. The first limo, the stretch hummer had cheesy yellow and purple lights. The decor reminded me of 80s skating rinks. It had several coolers for the champagne and a lot of cup holders. Not especially comfortable seating since we still had to sit in a car. At the 2 bit bar we went to (not sure the exact name) I watched Wendy play Lord of the Rings pinball while talking to her and Monica. It had a mechanical Balrog in the center that would move about and also a shiloth on the side.

9:35:26 PM: Today something I dreamed about came true. Andy mentioned his boxers ripping while practicing taijutsu. I very distinctly remember having that dream. Interesting.

9:35:52 PM: I liked going to work today. I didn’t really do that much today besides give a lecture and help some people. Glad that Zack has some interest in this Sailthru project, that’ll work out cool. I feel really tired, so I will write up the taijutsu class I had in Densho and then go to sleep. I set the alarm for 6:00 am. I will wake up tomorrow and do some awesome stuff like taijutsu and the KAP meditation in the morning. I will feel motivated to wake up in order to do the KAP meditation first thing in the morning as suggested by Dr. Morris. Salsa has started running around the apartment very energetically. I think I ought to feed the cats before bed because I think it will help them fight less.