1 6 2014

Dream Journal

7:03:40 AM: Don’t remember much. I just got up with Daria and I’ve completely lost my dream memory at this point. I will now feed KitKat I suppose.

11:17:17 AM: Dreamed that I dug up a bunch of hard gum pieces out of a sandy park and washed them off, and then I gave them to Luke to split evenly between Mark, Luke, and Priscilla and I. Before that Daria and I saw this strange demonstration at a mall where the people demonstrated how to take off clothing in a seductive manner. I found it fairly shocking because they did not wear underwear so after showing how to take off the dresses I saw their bushes. At the fashion demonstration I gave them two pairs of my pants to do demonstrations with and they complimented me saying they found me “pretty hot and having a college degree” they said this to Daria. It felt like all the ladies kept trying to seduce me, but I didn’t have any of it. Both of my pants appeared pretty beat up and grass stained. Before that I remember staying at Sophie’s house with her family, my family came there too. Somehow Caroline’s family also seemed to have visited. Caroline’s family spoke with very high diction and we felt condescended. My dad ended up watching a game between the Vikings and Packers. Sophie appeared to have a lot of adderall lying around her house that she would take sometimes. This transitioned to us going to some strange sort of wedding where I wore my purple checkered shirt and most everybody wore fancy clothing. Between a lot of this I somehow had time to play a game of something similar to Red Alert crossed with Starcraft and won. For my mission I attacked some sort of jail which let someone out, someone’s uncle I think.

2:06:01 PM: Also at some point I saw Mike Reiners wearing an ARML shirt that I didn’t recognize and we talked about the good old days of ARML including the bright neon green ARML shirt. I think Matthias appeared there too. I don’t remember how this fit in with the narrative of the rest of the dream.

4:04:10 PM: Oh, I also remember that in my dream I mentioned to dad that Ronald Reagan read the Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P Hall. Clearly what I read before sleeping seeped through into my dream.


7:11:46 AM: One slow OSPU on each side.


8:26:57 AM: Interrupted today by Kitkat, but no big deal. Did feel like I concentrated on it fairly well today. I have started to get over the initial hump of tiredness it seems.

4:32:31 PM: Meditated for 10 minutes with Federico. Just tried to do mindfulness of breath. Got crazy shifting phosphene visuals, mostly green and purple. Sat in full lotus, legs didn’t feel too bad. Felt quite a few energy shivers.

Plan Day

8:28:18 AM: Today… what would I like to accomplish? I would like to wrap up loose ends at Sailthru. I should go to work early today because I have to leave at around 4:45 so that I can make it to the 5:15 private dojo class.


  • Get my Netsuite changes deployed. George just chatted me about that and it seems they will go out soon. I will actually release them myself.
  • Deploy dev tools change.
  • Deploy the recurring campaign scheduler change.
  • Deploy PHP to ec2ev for Sam. And then let him know.
  • Start patch backfill for case 8439. On pg3 in screen patch_stats
  • [] Look into list count failure that occurred on Jan 4th for ticket 10107. Need to write a script to find all the clients and lists that need recounting. Can use the day before and check each stats.list.day if the next day exists or not. Then we can use the statlistfudge_improved script to actually fix the lists once we have identified all of them.
  • Handle 10193 for Satia. Got this running on pg3 in the screen “bigassjob” still need to transfer over the file when it finishes.
  • Reply to Kana on case 9480 about whether Java or PHP gives the correct results.
  • Respond to Nazim on ticket 10100
  • Fill out Brian May’s worksheet on outstanding work.
  • After the above, work on the query builder tickets I have assigned to me.
  • Deploy bigmap to ec2ev for Sam.


2:04:19 PM: Will go to class today. Would like to start a regular training regimen in the same way that I add practices. Basically, start with just doing tsuki each day, then add something, then add something, etc. until each day I practice many techniques.

8:32:02 PM: Today felt pretty awesome. We worked on a variation of gansaaki nage, then we worked on muso dori. I finally seem to have learned some of the important points of muso, but I haven’t figured out the ending yet. On the first movement I have finally started to connect the weight of my body dropping with my arm which forces the uke around. Then on the later part, I don’t want to pull down with my lead hand, instead I just use it to keep his arm in the right alignment as I drop which stresses his shoulder.

8:34:02 PM: Got lost on the way there… I really have to figure out and remember where building 2 exists.


11:26:26 AM: Very strange. After reading about how Solomon wished for wisdom from god, I said out loud that I wish to have no desire for any man or woman outside of my monogamous relationship. Then seemingly in answer I started shaking and felt joltings through my body.

1:27:53 PM: Went to Ba’al with Matt G, Boris, and Eric. From what Matt G and Eric said it sounds like Danny will finally move to product, which I feel very happy for him about. He has wanted that for a long time, and he has waited for it. That gives me hope that I could actually end up on the data science team after a while. It seems that the managers and Brian and Ian have finalized the teams now, but nobody has announced them yet.

4:02:11 PM: So far using this wiki to keep track of what I need to do seems effective to me. I have gotten a lot done today, despite how hectic it feels.

11:03:42 PM: Helped Daria achieve a magnificent orgasm and she helped me do the same. We both felt really into it today, which I felt great about.

11:04:50 PM: Overall I today gave me a feeling of confidence and success. I believe this wiki will continue to prove a very useful organizational tool, and because I will have a concrete record of my progress in it, it will help me advance to the outer reaches of my capacities. I believe occultists refer to this as the magic journal, and I will certainly make it even more magical as I add useful spells to it.

11:08:57 PM: I decided that I will move taijutsu to the morning before Sailthru. Regardless of whether I have class later in the day, I believe I will enjoy practicing in the morning. And then after I feel physically satisfied from taijutsu and yoga and exercise, then I will meditate.


  • [] Finish reading my hackny applicants.