1 6 2015


6:07:48 AM: Dreamed of a plot to kill some dictator maybe Kim Jung Un, but every time people tried it turned out they got setup and they got a fake and they got filmed doing it and he produced a movie making them look like a fool. I got fooled like that, and after going through a lot of trouble to infiltrate the country, riding on a janky train system, almost getting bashed to death by a psychotic robot arm/centrifuge system inside of a nuclear laboratory. I remember having to kill many people in creative and violent ways while very injured and pushed into desperate corners. In particular I remember getting cornered into a balcony and throwing knives as a distraction while I unbalanced and tipped people off the side. Eventually I got the guy, I thought, which the assistance of his top female aid who said something like “The beginning of the Right’s coup has occurred!” while helping me kill the fake, and all his other people acted as bystanders while we encased his body in some kind of black plastic/plaster seal to in order to transport as proof of his death. But as some point I realized I got tricked?

6:12:08 AM: I remember the US establishing an airforce base on the side of a rock face that people had to very carefully climb to get to, they had a very dangerous trail where people had to hook into a belay system just to climb up. They started a new system where they launch some kind of drone out of an airplane.

7:00:43 AM: Awesome way to start the morning. Just did a very powerful KAP meditation. My concentration didn’t feel as good as the previous time, but I still got strong effects. Shaking, shivers throughout my body, and sweating. I don’t quite know if doing the orbit I should focus on moving the shivers up and down or just focus on the visualization of energy moving in the orbit. I don’t know for sure if the shivers constitute the energy itself and I should learn how to control those, or if they just occur as a side effect of moving the energy which I do the visualization. I will have to investigate that. Maybe a good thing to ask Tao if I get the chance to.