1 7 2014

Dream Journal

6:56:36 AM: My whole family went on some sort of weird vacation to India? My parents start to quiz me on Chinese in the stairwell of my home and they realize that I don’t know any characters. I say that pinyin seems a perfectly good writing system in frustration. Before that I went shopping with Mark, Luke, and Priscilla for snacks to bring on the trip. Priscilla and I primarily looked for candy. Oh, Daria came with too. I found these crackers and “super salty cheese mix”. We also considered getting jolly ranchers. Before that I travelled with dad to India or somewhere very dirty. I climbed a big monument during a moment when people had an argument with dad, because a woman in our group claimed “England was Europe” and dad said that “England was only part of Europe”. E-Prime would have helped them. Somehow these people seemed part of a school board? Someone in the group felt really upset. Ian from hightower stayed in India with us? My family stayed in a very strange hotel with rooms that had different features and I couldn’t find my family, but I knew where Daria fell asleep. I remember a girl with Daria and I but I don’t remember who. The hotel had a really strange open layout and very poor privacy and it had all these different sections with different sleeping features.


7:14:39 AM: One OSPU each side.


8:50:02 AM: Had class with Fergus today, who I only met today. It felt amazing. A great workout. Some challenging poses that I can’t do yet. Really felt the energy during it too. When we laid in corpse pose at the end, I felt a lot in my head. I experimented with not keeping my tongue on the roof of my mouth like Dr. Morris suggests. The energy went to my head when I did that. So it seems keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth prevents the energy from going to the head before I can handle it.


8:54:17 AM: Going to do two full sets of hicho no kata as my practice for today.

9:01:38 AM: Did one set of tsuki on each side and one set of hicho no kata on each side.

Plan Day

Intention: Today I intend to help as many people as I can with their problems and give selflessly wherever possible with a bright and cheery attitude. Today I intend to establish healthy and beneficial habits that I can build a solid foundation for my life upon.

To that end, I will go to work because I believe I will enjoy it. That way I can meditate with Federico in the afternoon, which I love doing. I would establish that as a habit too. Now I shall shower, meditate, and go into work.


9:52:07 AM: Pretty good concentration today, felt the energy very well. I would have to venture that the yoga practice will prove very beneficial to my kundalini awakening. Perhaps that should come as no surprise, considering the indians developed it specifically for that reason. I think that next time I won’t lie flat on the floor, because it hurt the back of my head, but I did like it. I think I will just use the mats next time.


  • Look into list count failure that occurred on Jan 4th for ticket 10107. Need to write a script to find all the clients and lists that need recounting. Can use the day before and check each stats.list.day if the next day exists or not. Then we can use the statlistfudge_improved script to actually fix the lists once we have identified all of them. Okay, well, looks like we have to keep running this script until it finally finishes doing all the computations.
  • Handle 10193 for Satia. Got this running on pg3 in the screen “bigassjob” still need to transfer over the file when it finishes.
  • Respond to Nazim on ticket 10100
  • Case 10051
  • Case 10049

Note to self: that 5 GB file upload limit on s3 keeps biting us in the butt, I think I want to fix it.

12:10:00 PM: php liststatfudgeimproved.php —client 1070 —statday 20140104 —list “whatever” —update true EB Owner List ` 4475

Wait for this script to finish has me a bit nervous. I don’t feel confident that it has worked yet… but I suppose I will confirm it in a moment.

Moocho Merchant Prospects ` 3842


9:12:52 AM: Last night Daria said she felt my passion more, and I said I felt her passion more. It acts like a feedback loop, soon we will have truly crazy mindblowing amazing orgiastic sex.

9:53:46 AM: Well, now that my day feels off to a fantastic start I think I shall go to Sailthru and see if I will myself to have a fantastically productive day. I hope that they announce the new teams today because I would love to know. I would like to thank mom for the great haircut she gave me. I really dig it and so does Daria.

10:12:05 AM: Alright, here I sit at work. It felt pretty damn cold outside, but since my walk only takes seven minutes I didn’t think too much of it. While I walked I did notice my vision seems to have improved. I had several of those elusive “moments of sharpness” where I could see everything in crisp detail from a distance. I expect that as I continue my vision improvement regimen my vision will continue improving in leaps and bounds. Now, let’s check on Sailthru. I’ve got an hour or so before all hands. I think I will take some of that time to arrange my thoughts and eat breakfast.

3:36:08 PM: I don’t particularly enjoy this drama at work. Perhaps I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t get assigned to Matt G’s team.

5:56:40 PM: Aw, KitKat just kissed me when I came home. I gave him a treat because he acted so cute.

6:06:17 PM: Overall I had a great day at work today, and I feel very happy about my team assignment. It worked out great. I’d like to consult the yijing and tarot about my team later tonight.

8:28:57 PM: Went to TJ’s with Daria. A lot of people stood in the line, as usual.

11:04:32 PM: Idea: write versions of my software explicitly stated. The MBOS project.

11:05:18 PM: I feel good about today. I accomplished what I set out to do, I feel pleased with my new team. I feel excited for tomorrow. I think that I will switch David over to hourly pricing for all of our benefit.