1 8 2014

Dream Journal

6:55:57 AM: Dreamed about going home feeling weird because mom an dad didn’t respect me and still treated me like a teenager. Felt like I still studied at college at this time. Mom and Dad asked me lots of questions about what I did and I acted defensive about it. Dad drove me to the library and I felt really upset because I left a lot of stuff at home, but he meant to just bring me there to pick up some stuff and then we would go back home and pick up the rest of my stuff and actually take me home. Mom wanted to give me a short haircut. Dreamed about this strange game that seemed like an underwater super meatboy. In the game you go back in time to battle the final enemy. Dreamed the Levi wanted to do boxing but took a really long time and didn’t have much training. Visited a friend with children at his apartment that resembled a hotel room. His children looked like Luke the half-black son of my fomer chemistry teacher. The apartment looked very small, it contained two beds and a TV and not much else. Dad worked for a lady who worked at a game company somehow


8:43:40 AM: Felt too tired to this before yoga. I would not muster my strength to do it. Will circle around back to this later.

9:00:50 PM: One set of moderate OSPU, one set of slow OSPU each side.


8:44:19 AM: Had class with Deanna this morning. Pretty tough class, I chose to take child’s pose a few times during class. Feel very blissful afterwards however. I think I will have to adjust my sequence since after yoga I would not muster my strength to do taijutsu. Instead I think that I will meditate first.


8:58:02 AM: Alright, time to do KAP meditation. This time I will lie in bed. The floor felt too hard last time.

9:38:09 AM: Good energy flow today. Decent concentration. I got distracted a bit between the earth and water chakra, but that resolved itself as I brought my attention back.


9:39:45 AM: I think I will practice two sets of tsuki on each side, just to give my practice some momentum. But since I also have class today, and I feel pretty stretched from yoga I won’t push myself too hard today.

9:42:53 AM: Okay, that went alright I think.

8:27:31 PM: Class with just Mike and James at Josh’s place. We learned tsuki-eri which I can’t do yet. We kept practicing that elusive movement that causes the arm twist, just like with the jutte movements that we have done in the past. James and Mike described it as a vortex pulling the arm in. I don’t know if that description holds true, as Josh didn’t chime in supporting it. I believe we have to transfer the weight of the body through the hand, just as we do in many other movements.

8:29:20 PM: In terms of my tsuki I have to work on getting my hips in profile. Right now they are turning forward. Hopefully I can check for that in the mirror and see it if it happens.

Plan Day

Intention: Extend my kindness to everyone I meet.

  • Write to David about the new pricing model.
  • Setup appointment to get Kitkat neutered in the afternoon. Friday 8:30-9:00 am drop off.
  • Get UPS package delivered properly.


  • Fix problem in 10049 where we perform unnecessary loads of topusers array because I love performance.
  • Clear out remaining Fogbugz queue by filling work into the outstanding spreadsheet that Brian created, because I love my team.
  • Check on progress of Patch backfill. Because I love Ashley and Patch.
  • 9948 because I love Boris.
  • Ask Satia for support cases if everything else gets done, because I love the support team.
  • 9099
  • 9925
  • Follow up with Ann on 9749 because I love her. And follow up with Nazim because I love Nazim.
  • Investigate possible DB issue tying together 10083, 9099, and 9925, 9749. Possible that the bigmap just needs deployment to proc nodes. Okay, so I don’t think the DB issue comes into play here. Looks like null pointer exceptions and other simple code issues.
  • Fix devtools to not assign the ticket to a reviewer if the owner doesn’t want it reviewed yet, because I love my team.

Personal Projects


10:01:39 AM: I scoop kitkat’s litter because I love him. I will get him neutered because I love him and because I love Daria.

11:01:32 AM: Did a tarot spread today about the future of my new team at Sailthru. Haven’t entirely figured it out yet, although the querent section seems pretty straightforward. I would have to guess that the Princess of Swords represents Kristie in this spread. I don’t know who the Queen of Cups or the Knight of Cups represent though.

3:43:14 PM: I really enjoyed the quantum mechanics lecture today. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

4:04:35 PM: I would like to make several enhancements to this wiki presently. I think this wiki will become DeftDraft.

8:40:05 PM: I feel good about today on the whole. I accomplished a lot at Sailthru, and I continued my roll of keeping good habits. I probably still have some rearranging to do. I feel slightly down, but maybe I just feel tired. I think I feel a little discouraged by how much Mike and James goof off during class.