10 1 2014

7:02:38 AM: Dreamt that I gave a tour of a museum that included a lot of a chinese empresses’ palace among a lot of other interesting rooms, it felt kind of like the Metropolitan museum. Dreamed about playing a space shooter that I found quite fun and fast paced, before waking up I fought against a boss, but then somebody wanted to go watch some movie. Dreamed that I almost got into physical altercations with dad and I had already planned that I would attack his weak points at his hands but mom intervened. I feel a bit sad about that dream, not really sure why that came up. Dreamed that in hell some demons tried to attack me but I fought them off with taijutsu except that caused them to learn taijutsu. Scary.

7:20:08 AM: Last night I had a very interesting energetic experience a little while after doing the KAP meditation where I started doing some kriya, strongly felt the energy throughout my body, had a strong root chakra connection.

7:58:38 AM: What a bizarre day. I spent the morning chatting on Facebook with a 20 year old French (canadian?) hairdresser who invited me to skype with her in a highly provocative manner.

10:08:16 AM: Hm, Sarah showed up late because she got on the subway in the wrong direction. Faraaz showed up late. Francisco hasn’t showed up yet. Steve showed up late but I don’t know if he went boxing or not.

5:41:25 PM: I don’t know what to do when Daria says that she feels like she will relapse. I had a hard enough time last time, and if it becomes a pattern I don’t know if I want that in my life. Or I should say I know I don’t want that in my life. :/

8:20:20 PM: Good class today with Josh, James Keno, and Nicole. We went over a variety of kicking techniques. Important to drop weight while bringing the knee up to the chest. Try going from shizen to ichimonji nanamae while simultaneously bringing the front leg up to kick. Must relax into drop. Went over ku no kata. Went over turning to side to receive strike.

11:12:27 PM: Strong sensations of energy all throughout my head tonight. Wondering if Josh has started transmitting some energy to me, since he has started to give me a lot more in terms of the techniques he does on me. I have to start doing massage with him. Too good to pass up. Also private classes. Since he studies shiatsu he most know how to manipulate energy. I think he just threw me off a little by the way he responded to my question about Path Notes, but I think he responded correctly by getting me to actually focus on learning the taijutsu which constitutes the element of earth in the bujinkan system.

11:17:55 PM: I think I ought so sleep soon, but first I will establish a good score for me to try and beat tomorrow.

11:29:14 PM: Meditated for 4 minutes. Some thoughts that came to head: fluoride in water, pineal gland calcification. Maybe look into buying a water filter? I think I could benefit. Other thought: mental concern or tension surrounding Daria. I feel that I should show her compassion but her going to columbia brings up a lot of inferiority complexes I have about school and also it brings up a lot of resentment and disappointment that I have about how she spent the last year with me. I don’t know what to do. I should probably talk to Sarah about it, so I ought to schedule that appointment with her.