10 10 2014

10:38:19 AM: I feel a bit sad because Daria feels stressed out about school and money. I feel like the work study system adds some systematic unfairness to Columbia. Not that the entire institution doesn’t comprise multiple systems of unfairness. I really get sad about these things sometimes. Anyway, at least this wiki works way better now, I bet I have a lot of refactoring that I could do however, because at this point I feel surprised that it works at all sometimes. I think the code has gotten a bit tangled.

1:38:44 PM: I dreamed about Kimberly sending me an email to encourage me to come to Dev Bootcamp and I wrote back to her saying she really encouraged me and that I planned to come in, but then I guess I woke up before I got to in the dreams. Todays dreams got kind of blurred because I never feel like I can get up and write my dreams down when Daria’s over. Meh. All good.

2:09:37 PM: Daria remembered a dream of her own though, and she took it to Susannah for analysis. She dreamed that she programmed baby kangaroos to use cash registers. Susannah said it symbolized that she worries about money, and Daria told me how stressful she find the work study program at Columbia. It sounds like bullshit to me. I don’t quite know what do about it.

2:10:44 PM: I experienced some wrist pain today which I hope will go away. Praise Placebo.

3:03:53 PM: Wow, major cramp in my right calf right now, and it happened when I went to do the wallstand. Also it seems like I need to act carefully while doing bridge because that seems to have caused the pain I feel in my right wrist.

5:10:48 PM: I need some encouragement right now because I feel a bit bummed about Daria. I feel like I would abandon her when she needs me if I broke up with her, but really it takes a toll on my own life. I think I ought to talk to Sarah about this and schedule an appointment with her this week so I have someone to talk to who knows how to deal with relationships.

6:23:46 PM: I don’t know what to do for Daria. She sounds seriously depressed. She just wants to sleep. I feel very worried about her.

8:35:33 PM: Had a good time watching the newest season of the Legend of Korra. Now to do some more training, and then maybe I will read more of the Atrocity Archives. I have to say that I enjoy reading fiction again from time to time, although some might say that a lot of what I read comprises fiction. Eh. Hard to know fact from fiction without going to look for the experience. Tomorrow I will find the truth about qi for myself.

9:10:32 PM: I guess I will make myself feel better by just working on myself like a determined alchemist transmuting the lead. The alchemical symbolism in my birth chart really stands out to me. Given the powerful position of Saturn I have a lot of lead to transform into the gold.

9:28:56 PM: When meditating on certain geometric figures, such as the connections between any number of points I get this interesting effect where some lines will fade out so that I can see certain faces within the figure. I suppose that indicates the activity of the right side of my brain truly analyzing the figure in a holistic fashion. I find it very fascinating and will certainly enjoy meditating on more mathematical objects.

10:44:57 PM: Really enjoying this book so far. Great stuff. I think that I will do the KAP meditation soon and then head off to sleep. I will just do a little practice round for tomorrow and then head off to bed, maybe do some reading while in bed. I feel pretty good about all the work I did today, no point in needlessly pushing myself just so I can beat the score I set yesterday, since I probably won’t have time to beat any score I set today tomorrow. Or maybe I shouldn’t think about it in those terms. Daria seems to feel better now. So that much goes well.

11:21:52 PM: Really good KAP meditation, couldn’t make it through to the five point breathing because my legs fell so far asleep but I started the five point breathing as soon as the cycle started anyway, and the secret smile worked really well today, wow my legs feel really weird right now but I felt pretty great during this mediation I sure sweat a lot and felt the energy shivers quite a lot. I feel very excited for what tomorrow will bring since Tao got start with the research that Dr. Morris had already done and work from there so I expect that he will have some very powerful techniques and information to share with us and I just feel happy to establish a relationship with him because I think his guidance will prove very useful as I go through the kundalini awakening process. I fully intend to have a functioning and powerful kundalini in a short period of time so that I may accelerate the pace at which I can manifest my true will and help humanity.