10 11 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

8:05:46 AM: I dreamed that played some kind of improvised game involving magic cards with Andy and Priscilla and Luke came over, we wanted to wait for Mark but he didn’t show up. I tried to get home by subway, but found it pretty difficult because one section of train didn’t run for several hours during the afternoon. I saw a woman try to get money from a store. I dreamed that I went to some hard math class that I had trouble getting to because I had to climb up a ledge and get to it through a tunnel in the subway system. I saw Martin Camacho there and we talked about the homework. I dreamed about a porn site with terrible navigation and that some girl learned about penises from her mom. I dreamed that Daria transferred to Princeton. I dreamed of this strategy game that felt like a combination of star craft and magic the gathering where I mind controlled the enemy units and then sent my tanks and his units to go blow up his building and I collected some gold bars from looting.

8:26:31 AM: Woke up today with a crazy cramp in my left leg, I guess it balances out the one I got in my right leg. I guess my legs have started to reconfigure to become strong. I don’t know if I think I should work out before these seminars or not. Maybe just a little bit. But definitely I will do some taijutsu before I go.

6:32:07 PM: Well now. Had a very interesting day so far. I met Alan Antopol in person at the seminar, which I didn’t exactly expect. He looks a bit out of shape, I wonder why all these taijutsu guys end up with a gut? I guess I will stick to my convict conditioning and escape that fate. John, an old dude from Colorado who does consulting for nonprofits that deal with homelessness came. I met Carlie, she had a strong energy field when I felt for her aura. I felt a lot of heavy energy around her upper back, later when Tao did an energy cleaning on her (interestingly he used an orgonite accumulator to eat up the heavy energy after removing it from Carlie) he mostly concentrated on removing the heavy energy from her upper back. So it seems I really can sense energy in a way that other people can confirm. Very interesting. I had very strong feelings during the five point breathing tutorial Tao showed us, very cool pattern of breathing in a pentagram that I found really powerful. Seems like I could pull in a lot of chi that way. Elana brought a nice skeptical attitude. Stefan seemed disengaged towards the end, I guess he just wants martial applications. He studies bujinkan at Musoza and apparently has done it for a while without great results due to lack of application. I went out to lunch with Clemens who just started Taijutsu, Tao, Alan, and John. We went to the mexican place on university and like 12th. Tao presented a slightly different ordering for the five feelings in the secret smile which worked pretty well but I think I will stick to the original because I have practiced with it a lot already. Something that I really got a lot of value from: Tao mentioned the third cycle in addition to just the fire orbit and the water orbit: the wind orbit which goes up the central channel rather than up the back and then descends down the front. I found that a lot more comfortable than the fire channel, but I also felt good knowing that I could just do the water channel if that fit me better. I get the feeling that I have more yin energy than most men. Due to the lighting conditions I didn’t get a good look at Tao’s aura at any point, but he felt fairly powerful. Especially after he did some squats. The qigong breathing exercises we did definitely generated some nice energy so I think I will keep doing those for sure, and the self massage certainly couldn’t hurt either.

6:51:43 PM: Oh, just remembered something funny. That time I dreamed about Reid Covington we stopped in the small town bodega to buy some Cherry Coke. Turns out he luvs cherry coke. Weird right?

8:54:15 PM: Well, I think I will try to do the big 6 movements with coordination of the breath like in five points breathing. Tao says this will give me super strength if I learn to coordinate my movements with the qi as it will allow me to recruit a greater percentage of my muscle fibers in my movements. Perfect for me because I want as much strength as I can comfortably conceal.

11:43:40 PM: Seems like my head movement makes a huge difference when doing all of these movements. Like the problems I have with going into ichimonji on the side go away if I turn my head first.