10 12 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

This part of my dream seemed important: synapsed networks for molecular formation. I dreamed that I attended a university again and I worked with Kana on some theoretical computing models on molecules and we read a paper about probabilities forming themselves as synapse networks. Not entirely sure what the means. Also I had a weird audio setup that ran through the hallways, and they tried to kick some did out named Jordan for pirating music and I helped him hide along with Daria.

10:51:44 PM: Well, well, what an interesting day. I will start my laundry and then tell U about it.

10:56:06 PM: Okay, so… we went over the chakras today, and I think I’ve finally started to develop a feel for the lower chakras. Confusingly the solar plexus chakra can occur at the navel or higher up on the solar plexus it seems. Tao recommends picking either a radiant or fiery visualization for that depending on what we find appropriate. I seem to like the sun as my visualization. We did some interesting work with mixing the earth and the water, making the earth lava and a bit hot which I found very interesting, and letting the steam rise up to the chest and condense back down to the water. The throat chakra apparently holds a lot of power if I can learn to use it, because it lets me sense the volume and space within a room and around me, and obviously learning to use the voice in esoteric ways will hold a great deal of power. As for the third eye, I certainly got a lot of feeling and sensation inside of it and the crown chakra but I still haven’t quite figured out how to use it yet.

11:03:45 PM: Huh. I guess I lost my Guanyin amulet without realizing it… but I guess I just traded up, because this good luck coin that Carlie gave me kicks ass. Yeah, totally an upgrade. The Guanyin amulet had the following blessings (which I feel still apply, because Guanyin obviously still luvs me, and if anything I gave away the amulet in charity without thinking about it, awesome) “Lifetime Peace”, “Work Smoothly”. Both good charms, of course, definitely appreciated and I have really benefitted from those boons, praise to Guanyin. But now I’ve got “ALL TOTAL COMPLETE PERFECT”, “HARMONY WONDER SAFETY KINDNESS JOY VITALITY” Bad freaking ass. Anyway, time to checkout the KAP materials!

11:16:22 PM: So Carlie’s husband Twig owns and operates one of the two sensory depravation chambers in Maryland. Pretty freaking cool. He also works on building Salvia tinctures that will make salvia accessible to people. I also met his friend Spiro who I found rather mysterious, I don’t know much about him really. Apparently Twig and Spiro visited the Rueben museum. I really ought to go there sometime soon.

11:20:33 PM: I had a good conversation with Alan after dinner, he wants to keep in touch which I feel fine with. He asked about where and when Josh holds class.

11:21:44 PM: I learned some interesting ideas like I can totally run both directions of the orbit at once. I feel like Tao in a way suggested that I do the wind orbit since he only brought it up when I asked about orbits, and it feels like it works really well for me. Interesting to hear Tao talk about how he can feel people over distances and such. Very interesting.

10:49:02 AM: Chakrasana or “wheel pose” literally means CHAKRA pose, haha.