10 13 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

9:13:24 AM: I dreamed of having sex with this woman I didn’t know as part of some kind of show or social experiment? I did her in doggy style which we both enjoyed pretty well. We did it in this strange sort of modular hotel room, by the time I came back to the room after leaving they had already started taking it apart. At the front desk while I went along my way back the guys at the desk had a semi hard time making sure that I really belonged at the hotel. The hotel had an interesting layout. U got a block number and then within the block they had tons of these modular rooms. I dreamed of a city that seemed like Taiwan and it just overflowed with traffic and people. I observed it from the sky. Not sure of the context there. I dreamed that I taught KAP techniques at Dev Bootcamp. I dreamed that a student of mine read my website and got really offended at one of my pieces of prose, but then also liked another one. She seemed kind of bipolar about it. She called my use of the word ‘luv’ violent. I tried not to take it too seriously.

9:42:48 AM: Okay, weird. Remember how Tao mentioned lightbulbs blowing up? I just flicked the lightswitch in the bedroom and the lightbulb popped. Freaky.

9:44:16 AM: I need to prioritize what I will do today.

3:25:17 PM: Wow, Sandman vol 9 really went crazy. What a great series. Now I have to figure out what the hell to do until taijutsu. I feel a bit tired, not quite sure why. So dark outside.

5:31:23 PM: Had some strange dreams about DBC and KAP after I semi drifted in and out of sleep during the KAP meditation. I find it entirely too dark in this apartment lately. I will definitely need to replace the lightbulb in the bedroom soon because it gets so dark in there now. Very dark in this room already and it hasn’t even gotten to six yet. Anyway, I think I will do some stuff to wake myself up before taijutsu.

10:40:39 PM: Interesting class today with Josh and Nicole and Mike and Kosky.