10 14 2014

8:42:54 AM: Dreamed a lot about KAP last. Had a nice dream where I partied on the beach with some new friends and watched a beautiful sunset while riding some waves. Had some powerful KAP experiences in my head and body during the night last night. Dreamed that Kevin Zhou and Andrew Aldridge tried to get in contact with me, but on the beach I didn’t have access to my phone so Andrew tried calling me a dozen times and didn’t get any response. I emailed with Kevin and he gave me a lot of good advice about taking care of myself while working on my projects so I don’t end up doing my writing in a bathtub or while taking client calls. I dreamed I had a flight to catch the next day to come home.

8:55:35 AM: Last night at one point I had a strong erection and feelings of energy throughout my body, I started to circulate the erection energy through my body. I also had strong feelings of movement and restructuring in my head.

5:55:23 PM: Well, I had a good day for the most part, until I got home and felt really drowsy and also masturbated. I think I need to cleanse the energy in the bedroom, because it seems kind of heavy and depressed in there. I guess I will go to the Magic the Gathering thing and just bring my notebook so I can work on stuff while there. I should log the stuff I did today.

12:50:23 AM: Had a good time at Facebook. They have a crazy cafeteria. Mostly I just wanted to see Andrew Flockheart, but I had a good time meeting Patrick too. And seeing Alex Akers, Hursh, and the rest. Meeting Steve Dean’s business partner. I saw Swift and Jon there too.