10 15 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

8:08:16 AM: Had an interesting dream where I lived with Shaun again and he very adamantly insisted that I read this favorite book of his and I started reading it and I actually found it really interesting. These two professors of rationality or something really make themselves thorns in people’s sides but they end up becoming investigators. Due to their use of science they actually have really good physical skills. They taught me how to move effectively and do parkour by controlling the center of gravity. At one point their boat got pursued by two beautiful women and they escaped onto a highway and it became a car chase and then a parkour chase. I also dreamed that I needed to fly somewhere and arrange with mom how to pick me up. I dreamed that I spent some time with my family again, in a car somewhere. In the book/movie the professor got suspended for a month from the school because he got into a fist fight with a bunch of religious people whose hypocrisies he pointed out. Very interesting dreams.

8:34:13 AM: Had a really productive KAP meditation yesterday that I did myself without the aid of the CD. First I gave myself a full massage. Then I started connecting the chakras. Seems like it really works way better for me to go from top to bottom. I did the secret smile and started orbiting, and then I integrated 5 point breathing. Felt very powerful. Then I started breathing in and out of the front of every chakra starting from the top to get them all open.

4:48:31 PM: Pretty interesting that during Mercury Retrograde my phone stopped working. Also interesting that within two days of attending the KAP workshop I had both Andy and Dan Mundy reach out to ask me about the KAP meditation. Very interesting indeed.

8:16:23 PM: Good class today at Josh’s. I learned enki-nuki. Nicole, Mike, and Ignacio showed up. We practiced that technique related to enki-nuki with the gyaku. I managed to move Ignacio a few times by dropping and falling correctly, but that technique still gives me a lot of trouble. Very interesting. I have to relax but keep my arm connected, any time my arm tensed it ruined the movement, and when I had Ignacio against me it made me want to try to use my muscle even though that made it less effective. Strange.