10 16 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

1:37:20 AM: Wanted to quickly log my experience before I go to sleep. I started out with the self massage across my whole body. Did the secret smile. Then starting from the crown I started to open each of my chakras by breathing in and out of them, connecting them all until I reached the root chakra. I felt waves of bliss and energy, strong pulsations through the chakras. I breathed through my palms, feet, and all my chakras.

1:38:30 AM: Also recently I have had extended periods of good vision while outside walking and relaxed. I hope to extend those periods to longer and longer until I see well all the time.

8:31:19 AM: Interesting dream where I talked to this beautiful asian woman about how she started a startup with her husband and now that will affect their lives. I also dreamed about DBC and teaching people about energy and getting people to come out of their shells. I dreamed about living with Kevin Zhou in this big frat house with a bunch of college students and how I just wanted to stay in during Halloween. How Kevin fell asleep at the front of the stairs leading to his bedroom.

10:00:16 AM: Dreamed I did all this work two finish writing these two papers and then I never went to class to turn them in. Dreamed that I restored an old school bus and drove it around. I wrote those papers using my own word processing software, and apparently in my dream I posted a screenshot of self-mastree on facebook. I also dreamed that I snuck away from some nice estate by driving a nice car away.

5:40:12 PM: Aw. Kind of bummed that I have to wait quite a while to see Daria. I thought she’d get here sooner. Okay. I will wait, and just do my practices and work in the mean time. Maybe I will get around to doing the banishing ritual of the pentragram today.

8:01:34 PM: Slightly surprised by my progress doing gyaku nuki, it started to work pretty well today, but I need to ask Josh