10 18 2014

11:14:02 AM: Had a dream that I needed to apply for some financial aid and I went with dad to talk to this social worker lady, and I had to explain to her every little weird part of my transcript like UMTYMP and she asked all sorts of really uncomfortable questions until eventually I broke out in tears.

6:59:21 PM: Good class with Josh today. Nicole, Justin, James Light, and Kosky showed up too. We learned an awesome variant of omote-gyaku where we push their arm down instead of up, and then do the gyaku down at wait or hip level. Very effective. We continued to work on that movement of shifting in and pivoting on the lead leg.

7:03:48 PM: Some projects: determining the personality of each of the planets in my birth chart and giving them names and learning their characters as an exercise in self-insight. Another project: creating an illustrated guide to doing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

7:10:59 PM: I will start taking a new approach to the convict conditioning work out in that I will just train in sets of 6 doing just one of each exercise, Pavel Tsatouline style, so that I get gains but get to stay lazy. Engaged lazy. Efficient.