10 19 2014

8:35:50 AM: Dreamed I took part in this extremist terrorist group that took on the military. At one point and a whole bunch of rebels disrupted some kind of royal wedding with a huge military presence. I hijacked one of the military’s aircraft and used it to rain destruction down on the wedding. All of that started off as some sort of very creepy horror survival game where I got lucked in a room with some loved ones and we tried to hide from the evil government, and suddenly I remember walking around a corner and gunning down military officials. I dreamed that I talked to some people about various ways they would hack music subscription services so they wouldn’t need to pay as much to get whole albums. I dreamed I went to some kind of hotel that had a really awesome open air aquatic pond with both snapping turtles and painted turtles and lots of insects and all kinds of stuff in it.

10:17:08 AM: At the start of the dream I think I helped a friend look for a cell phone store or something, and I saw a store that sold kits that allowed U to assemble your own phone. I dreamed that I took part in a riot at this huge shopping mall, and I knew the woman who organized the riot. And the guy who worked for the Man tried to get at my cell phone because he figured I could contact the woman. And he kept screaming at me to deliver some messages to her but I refused. I ran away from the scene of the riot and that crazy guy using that strange dream run that happens, and I ended up somewhere approximately like Saddlewood, where I found a grove of trees that had a big tree house like contraption built up on it. I climbed up this ladder made of two big logs and a bunch of sticks, and I found that about 18 feet up someone had built a whole lot of structure. Then Mark joined me up on the tree, and we decided that it didn’t feel that safe and that we should get down, except all the structure started to fall apart as we made our way down, but then I looked down and realized it didn’t seem that high and just jumped down. By the time we got to the ground it looked really short and we just sort of laughed at how our perspective changed. Metaphor for growing up? But I saw that and it seemed really strange, so I said to Mark “U realize we are dreaming, right?” And he said yes, so I said let’s go sledding, and we tried to make it snow by visualizing and I tried saying “it feels white and slushy now” but I just managed to grow thick bunches of white flowers in the grass instead of snow, but we did manage to materialize our sleds out of nowhere by believing that we would find them lying out there.

6:29:45 PM: Had a good time at DBC for a few hours. I showed people my sword moves. After a while I left because Steven and Sam had showed up so I felt like they didn’t need me so much anymore. Feel happy because the delivery person said “ILUVU too man” because I wrote ILUVU on my deliver instructions. I think Wilhelm Reich really had a lot of great points, too bad his arguments easily get shot down by ad hominems.

7:28:16 PM: Rehearsed the LBRP a few times. I will make a better pictorial guide and rehearse a few times, and then I will start practicing it for real. I will make it a warm up for my KAP meditation.

9:28:53 PM: Had a good meeting with the RoyaltyReminder team.

10:22:27 PM: Okay, I have plan. I will do another strength circuit. Then I will practice some taijutsu fundamentals. Then I will perform the LBRP.

10:42:04 PM: I don’t have a strong sense for it yet, but my first time doing the LBRP went pretty well, I did not make any mistakes and executed with confidence. I felt energy sensations at the end, and I feel abuzz right now. I don’t quite know what I feel yet, but the results seem promising for now. I will now go into my KAP practice.

10:58:45 PM: Had a good KAP session without audio. Did the warm up self message, did a few tai chi movements, and then did the secret smile and then connected up my chakras and then started doing the wind orbit and five point breathing.

11:33:00 PM: Okay, time to say goodbye to computer I think? I think I should incorporate a flexibility routine into my body circuit, that way I get more flexible as I get stronger and have really functional strength.