10 2 2014

6:13:44 AM: Dreamed about Elizabeth propositioning me for sex to teach me a lot of interesting techniques that she knows, but I refused. She showed me how people would sign up for classes and such from her and she had a website where people would send her money. Dreamed that she had a website full of really crazy explicit and disturbing bondage and other taboo themes that I looked at for some strange reason. Dreamed that I created a Ruby programming contest that looked pretty cool. Dreamed of a crazy navigation bar filled with images.

6:56:25 PM: Not a personally tough assessment day for me, because I had all easy decisions, but it looked really tough for Sam. I gave him a hug because I think he felted pretty stressed.

9:49:41 PM: So, results of the assessment. Obvious disappointment with Jenn, and I wonder if she will leave or not, pending Alex’s decision tomorrow. I can’t believe that Francisco just ditched out of the assessment like that, very uncool. Sucks that Matti has to leave, because I found him very nice, but he didn’t really seem to pick up the programming. I wonder what the deal with that French girl… maybe a test? From who? So strange.

11:28:57 PM: Alright, I think I will head to bed now. Good times.