10 20 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

6:51:06 AM: I dreamed of a reckless to quest to find some kind of Grail atop a snow topped mountain. Some kind of strange drug got involved in the beginning, and due to its influence we had to hurry or many people seemed doomed. I drove a car speeding away from a scene that the police got dispatched to, driving past two police cars. I drove the car up a steep hill/mountain until I reached a point where the terrain became impassable due to these huge wooden constructions built by ancient people. The wood constructions seemed like an obstacle course or a wall, which I worked my way through. I took a lot of damage on the way through, getting impaled by a lot of arrows. I saw a lot of animals going through the wooden structure. A hyena, a rabbit, a cat. I got through the structure and made a run up the mountain, passing by Andy’s parents house. At the top of the mountain, confusingly I found Priscilla’s bedroom and I began searching the file cabinets for what I sought. Mark said he would help me find it.

6:54:48 AM: During the night I woke up and felt kundalini active and working on me. It especially worked on the inside of my right knee, which felt quite painful.

10:01:06 AM: Woo, got good feedback on my new challenge. Huzzah. :D

4:54:01 PM: Had a good time at DBC, glad to have the chance to welcome Zach into the family. I don’t know if I plan on attending tactical tomorrow or not. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I will just call in.

5:28:42 PM: I have Li over as a guest right now, which I find nice. I will go to Taijutsu soon while he goes to dinner, and I will come back in time to let him back in. I think that I will still do my stuff while he stays with me, no reason to worry. I just won’t do my LBRP while he stays with me.

5:31:41 PM: The internet has become devoid of interest to me. Yawn. I suppose I shall just have to read.

5:40:27 PM: I feel excited for 2015. Seems like the shortcut for getting back to my journal doesn’t restore the view like it ought to. Interesting.