10 21 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:04:45 AM: I dreamed I went home to saddlewood and I helped my mom cook some kind of japanese desert that involved cutting up little squares of some kind of soft pastry. And we ate a traditional japanese meal and kept commenting on the various parts of it that we found strange. And I dreamed that I helped dad take some books off a shelf and put them into bags to take back to the library, as usual I found a lot of interesting books there.

7:06:10 AM: Woke up with cramps in my calves. I think I need to up my protein intake?

12:59:03 PM: I saw Li off, and then went off to Ignacio’s. I really noticed now that if I maintain a relaxed attitude my vision works a lot better. Because the parasympathetic nerve system causes the pupils to contract which causes better focus. So at Ignacio’s I saw Mike and Nicole. I learned some important points, like when doing kamae I need to take the pressure off my knee by moving into the growth along my outer edge of my leg and strength the outer edge of the knee. Also, when doing gyokko ryu ichimonji I need to relax the shoulder back so that my elbow can point down properly instead of to the side. Also when doing gyaku nuki I have to make sure to get on the line before the draw occurs. Right now I try to draw from the side. To go into the cut I just have to relax and let the sword fall into the hole of my hands where it needs to go.

2:37:00 PM: During bridge I think I should keep my feet flat on the floor.