10 22 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

12:07:42 AM: Well, I feel a little bummed because Daria just had a bit of a break down, but I talked her through it and got her smiling, stayed positive. I think I should probably do a LRBP and some meditation to shake it off and get on with my own life. I feel a little apprehensive because the astrology forecast I got from UnaInOmnia had some interesting potential pitfalls for my relationship, and it does make me question whether I really serve myself in my current relationship. I don’t quite know what to do, but I will press on.

12:31:58 AM: Well, I certainly feel better after doing the LBRP and did some stretching besides. Now I think I will go do massage, KAP, and bed.

7:01:32 AM: Interesting dream. I taught physical therapy at DBC. I went home to Saddlewood where dad saw Einstein in the streets. Actually Einstein attends some sort of club that dad goes to like journal club and he sees him every week. Someone started flying an experimental aircraft, looked like an early WW2 biplane during a very windy day and it crash landed in our neighbor’s house, our family ran out to rescue. Priscilla tried to help and we all felt concerned for her safety as she tried to protect a dog from a really dangerous live wire so I ran in to remove the dog. One of my mom’s sisters and her husband met our family. And she joking told us about how her husband cheats on her with another married woman and will go travel to see that married woman for a few weeks, but she still luvs him and he made up for it by saying he would miss her and the kids and then got a haircut that looked like the same one her and her kids had. Also some kind of drama about OHS.

8:28:28 AM: Strong KAP meditation this morning. Pretty good concentration. During the tensing I really felt the results of my recent strength training because I innervated my nerves really strongly and got super tense, took a little while to relax it all but I released a lot of energy that way and it felt super power. Had a pretty good secret smile today, did the wind orbit, started five point breathing early. Overall, good session.

11:41:46 AM: Dreamed Mike and I attended James’s wedding/going away party. I encountered a ton of creepy spiders in this grungy bedroom. I encountered a former tutoring client of me that I did AMC tests with. Alec? Mike and I discussed some books. Interesting book called “On Presence” mentioned by some Trudy character. Book doesn’t exist. I remember a quote standing out and talking to Mike about it. My parents attended the wedding ceremony too, and I left my calculator with them (TI 89).

5:13:04 PM: I dreamed I went to some kind of party with a lot of Sailthru people. And I saw someone that looked like or had some relation to Jaselyn and she asked me about Daria and I introduced her to Daria. At the Sailthru party people kept telling me how things had gone down hill and I said that I felt pretty happy that I had left. I saw Danny there. I look forward to seeing him tomorrow.

9:16:12 PM: Crazy tough class today, between the heavy rain, Akkis showing up, Ignacio teaching. We did rolls on the wet concrete. Crazy stuff.