10 26 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

11:21:45 AM: I dreamed I got handed a huge wad of cash and a strange device that looked like an oversized calculator. I remember two people with special abilities wanting to fight in a college auditorium. I remember paying Josh P. for something.

5:45:06 PM: So… I guess Daria didn’t have time to make luv today. I feel a little peeved because we basically never make luv if she says we will do it in the morning the next day. But I made luv with myself and summoned U in the process, so it works out. I cried a lot last night because I felt sad about our relationship. Things didn’t turn out the way I hoped or expected so I don’t know what to do. Just keep on making myself better, I suppose.

11:13:38 PM: Day turned out okay, I guess I get a lot done when Daria doesn’t hang around. Finished Nikita, great show. Gave me a lot to think about during my struggle with deception and the government. I have enjoyed reading about Yeats and look forward to reading his work. I need to get ready for bed, so I will just summarize what I did today. Did some planning for lecture tomorrow, and I think it should go fine. I will just introduce the students to my style before we jump in with Sinatra. I had a good meeting with the royaltyreminder team. We have made some good progress, but I really need to step on the gas pedal and get things going because we only have three months left and Ethan has some very specific requirements that will take time to execute.

11:19:01 PM: Tomorrow I will jump in with introducing myself and then I will begin on the reddit clone. Yeah. I should practice my introduction a bit too. Basically I will explain that I teach phase 2, that I don’t wear glasses, that I wear the same clothes every day, and that ILUVU.